The Virgin Children of Mercury: 15 Shades of Virgo


Virgo season is here! Is that why I am writing about them? Yes and No! I have written about Aquarius, Sagittarius and Leo so far and apart from the Sagittarius one which was written in December, the other two were written just because I felt like it and it wasn’t in their season! So, that makes it a No but what makes it a Yes, is that when you are talking about the most meticulous, perfectionist of the Zodiac, you’ve got to do at least a few things right!

The New Moon in Virgo was on 27Aug2022 and with it we get an opportunity to embrace that energy, get organized and get back to getting tasks completed in the best possible way. No more procrastinating, no more excuses. The practical, hard-working, no-nonsense way is the current flavour. Guess what?! After a lull in my creativity for three months, I finally wrote a blog each on 22August and 23August, setting the ball in motion. Also, I woke up this morning with a promise to myself to complete all the incomplete blogs which were left undone because of interruptions after which my line of thought tapered off. You see what I mean?

There is so much information about each zodiac sign on the internet and in books, so what is it that I can offer which will be different, you’d ask! For one, it is my perspective. I have read a lot; I have observed just as much and I am a complete enthusiast. I am also non-conformist so I may digress from what is usually written about them. I am writing from the viewpoint of an observer, a sister, a niece, a sister-in-law and a friend, at times a very close friend. I have observed males and females equally well and being an air sign who is most compatible with other air signs and fire signs, I can easily tell you that the largest number of friends I have are Virgos. I am an Aquarian and if you are aware of the importance of friends in our lives you will know that We wouldn’t give the crown away so easily but Virgos win hands down to being the best friends of the zodiac.

Enough of the introduction, let us get to the heart of the matter! Here are fifteen facts about our Virgo friends! Hopefully, you have a few myths busted and you understand this rock-solid personality.


1.    Basic Facts

 Virgo, the sixth zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. It is symbolized by a Virgin maiden due to ancient mythologies of Greece and Rome. It is often symbolized with harvest following Egyptian Mythology. In Vedic Astrology, Virgo is referred to as “Kanya” which also means a virgin maiden. It is a Mutable Earth Sign.


2.   The Monica Gellers of the Zodiac when it comes to cleanliness

      This is true of the women for sure. They are finicky when it comes to        cleanliness to the point of being OCD. I am not complaining. My dear friend and course mate whom I shared a room with for a whole year made my life a breeze because she didn’t trust anyone to do a good job of cleaning. I wish you could see my grin!! We had an orderly who cleaned and then she would. I had to just ensure that I didn’t put my feet down till the floor was dry and was given the green signal. I obliged. I am magnanimous that way!! Also, more often than not, the Virgo woman has an affinity for white which is again the colour of purity. In my experience regarding men, it is quite the opposite. While they are extremely meticulous when it comes to things that are important to them, they are quite a mess. With one exception in my nearly 49years, of one bachelor I met who was immaculately OCD type clean (whose mother was fretting over the fact that his wife, if he ever found one, would give up on him if he expected the same from her), I haven’t met a Virgo man who kept their room tidy. Their person is crisp and clean but surroundings could definitely do better!

P.S-I do understand the severity of OCD and do not mean to use it lightly but the Virgo woman can really border on it. 


3.    Heartless Critics 

Known to be critics to a fault and yet, a sign that doesn’t take criticism easily, they are usually not forgiven for this trait. Yet, that is who they are. They work really hard and if they don’t take criticism easily it is because they are the hardest on themselves. They really do not need any more from you. While it might seem that they are calling you out to belittle you or show you your place, the children of Mercury are very positive if they see that you are accepting of your misjudgement and willing to learn. They will go to lengths to help you and will proudly applaud you for a job well done. It is not without reason then that they have been called the “quality control” of the Zodiac- a term I found apt and amusing!


4.   Not Sentimental/Cold

Here you are wrong. Virgos are one of the most sentimental signs of the zodiac with an inability to show it. Usually, all men are raised to keep their emotions in check except for their anger but Virgos, irrespective of gender find it difficult to emote. They have great depth within them and perhaps if they show it, you could destroy them (aren’t most of us wearing a persona for the same reason). Yet, it isn’t something they learn. This is an inherent trait. To be fair, if they don’t show overt happiness, they don’t show sorrow either. Again, most Virgos have the love language of “acts of service” so while they don’t say “I love you” they will do enough to show you how much they care. You have to accept them for who they are. In fact, they are one of the incredible romantics of the zodiac.

5.   Flexible and Open to Change

Being a mutable sign, Virgos irrespective of gender, are open to trying things that are new- experiences, food, people, cultures- you name it. This is the reason why most of them love to travel and love to read. If they can experience it themselves great, or else they can read about it and learn. Histories allure them. You’ll find them enjoying monuments and museums, soaking in as much as they can. Most would read up in advance and study about everything to have a wholesome experience. Nothing annoys them like frivolity when you can gain something from an experience.

6.   Misers? 

Like all earth signs, the Virgo works really hard on their coin so they won’t give it all away in a grand gesture of generosity. They do not believe in wastage and they respect the toil that has gone into getting the wealth that they have amassed. They do put in thought before a purchase or before parting with their money but when they do it is, more often than not, on something worthwhile. So, you might not receive a gift very often but when you do (if you matter) it will be something you’ll cherish. The feminine are likely to be a tad bit tighter than the men.


7.    A Penchant for Learning

Regardless of gender, Virgos love to read, to learn, to analyze. Their thirst for knowledge and the ability to apply the same practically, is phenomenal. They are very grounded. They live in the real world. They dream about real things. Pragmatic as can be. They don’t believe in building castles in the air. They are creative and no matter which field they are in, they excel at it.

8.  Detached 

Virgos do withdraw from time to time to reflect. The Hermit card in the tarot is the sign of Virgo. The Hermit withdraws from the world to find answers within. The illumination seen in the lamp is their inner guidance. Also, much like the other Earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, Virgos are quite capable of detaching from situations that do not serve them. They just have to decide and they do take a long time (because they analyse in great detail) but when they do, there is usually no looking back.


9.   Hard Working 

Along with Capricorn, they are the most diligent and hard-working sign. They may even rank a bit higher due to their perfectionist tendencies. In fact, more often than not they may border on burnout and need to be forced to stop working. They seldom complain about being overworked. It is a part and parcel of their life. So, don’t go cribbing to a Virgo about how hard your life or work schedule is, expecting sympathy. You’ll never get it, worse, you will get a dressing down for lack of involvement. They know how to relax but they often forget while being focused on getting everything right.


10.  Best Friends

A friend for life and one you can count on, anytime you need them.  I have a number of Virgo friends of both genders and they make it so simple to approach them that someone as stuck up as me when it comes to asking for help, may actually ask a Virgo, if at all. They remain unchanged despite years of you not staying in touch and pick up with the same fondness with which you last met them with, despite change in marital status, economical status or any other situation. This is especially true for the male Virgo, who remains as good a friend post marriage. Usually, people change when they get married, their friendship-dynamic depending on how well you get on with their spouse but the children of Mercury remain steadfast and manage to strike a balance even after. This is highly commendable and a rare quality. I stressed on the males here because the feminine can get caught up with keeping their home and attending to the comfort of those they are responsible for. They meet you and are as warm but they just don’t have the time they’d like to give.

11.  Virgo Males are Misogynists

This is so wrong! I, however, do not blame the opposite gender to naturally jump to this conclusion because the male Virgo for some vague reason actually likes to sound that way. I had misgivings about a large number of Virgo men much to my irritation, only to realise that they lead you to believe that, that is their impression of you, and it tickles them to argue on the same as well, just to rile you. They are actually very fair and if they see you working just as hard and sincerely, they’ll be your biggest cheerleader. However, they might still bug you in jest!

12.  Sharp Wit

One of the most intellectual and articulate signs of the zodiac along with Gemini (both being ruled by Mercury), Virgos are quick witted and known for their dry humour. Being observant, well versed and deliberate in their communication they can pack quite a punch. Their love for knowledge runs deep and having a good memory aided by their methodical and meticulous approach definitely gives them an upper hand.

13.  Can Hold a Grudge

Virgos can hold a grudge for a long time if they have been hurt. They are very sincere and go all out in relationships of any kind so when they have been wronged, they can hold that against you unless of course, you sincerely apologise and then stay true to your word. Or else just like their fellow Earth signs, they can take the grudge to their grave (of course, it is rare that a Capricorn or a Taurus will give you another chance).

14.  Sarcastic and Skeptical

They are! It comes naturally to them. They work so hard and diligently on everything that they have a hard time taking anything you say on face value. They also overthink so that’s where the skepticism comes from. Their skepticism is almost a challenge they are throwing at you, to prove your point. The sarcasm and their dry humour go hand in hand. It, again, is a sign of their intellectual nature. In fact, the person who made the sarcastic clapping emoji had a Virgo in mind!

15.  Solid and Dependable

Virgos can be trusted blindly. Whether in personal relationships or at work, this thoughtful sign tops the charts for their trustworthiness. Your secrets are safe with them. If something is important to you, then it is to them and a secret is like a responsibility given to them. They can never let you down. It is who they are.

Note: It is necessary to note that each Virgo you come across will be different because we have other signs in our chart so their influence can enhance or reduce certain qualities but by and large if you observe them well, these traits will surely be noticed.

With that we come to the end of anything but a comprehensive list (we’d need a tome to do justice) of our evergreen, pragmatic, reliable, punctual, responsible, thoughtful, caring, precise and witty Virgos. One thing is safe to say, that if Virgos have touched something including our lives, they will leave it better than it ever was before!




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