50 Things that Warm My Heart!


Let’s do this without an introduction except for “I was called to do this just because…”

1.      A hearty laugh.

2.     A warm cuddle.

3.     Eyes which emote love.

4.    Love and all its manifestations.

5.     Romance.

6.    A warm meal cooked by Ma.

7.     A cold meal- rich and sinful.

8.    Maggi.

9.    Before you scream gluttony, bonding with a trusted friend.

10.    Deep Conversations.

11.   Star gazing.

12. Moon gazing.

13. Sunrise.


15. Dewdrops

16.Large Spiderwebs

17. Ants

18.     Candy, Breezo, Joey and all benign dogs.

19. Butterflies.

20.   Birds.

21. A captivating book.

22.    A Mushy Movie.

23.    Flying and watching clouds.

24.    Long, never-ending drives.

25.    Train travel especially to and from Kerala.

26.    Greenery.

27.    Beaches,

28.   Mountains.

29.    Deserts too for brief periods.

30.   Lawns and flowers and trees.

31. Water bodies- from puddles to the ocean!

32.    The Sky and Clouds and the Rain.

33.    Learning something new.

34.    Talking to someone who cares to listen and understand.

35.    Giving with love and without condition.

36.    Watch someone smile…

37.    Being alone listening to the silence.

38.   Earth Magic.

39.    COLOURS

40.   Music


42.    Day Dreaming

43.    Early morning walks- the quiet ones not the health ones though I am sure the heart is grateful for those!

44.    To know that I made a difference to someone, anyone for the better.

45.    To be able to express gratitude in time.

46.    Letters.

47.    A warm, comfy space that I call home.

48.   Family- my inner circle.

49.    To Love and be Loved.

50.    My Inspiration.

50 wonderful things I came up with in no time and sadly, the realization that I spend most of my hours and days doing things that don’t warm my heart including candy crush and YouTube. Should this be my wake-up call? I think it is! Our minds shouldn't be allowed to make us live in a world that isn't real but in our heads!











  1. How truly heart warming 🥰✨🤗 We get so busy with the rat race that we seldom have time to enjoy the simple pleasures and joys of life that brings a smile to our face.. and this post did just that 😊


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