25 Insights into the Aquarian Woman


Being hooked on to zodiac signs from as far as I can remember, I have read and continue to read a lot of material on the same. I would be lying if I said I read about all sun signs with the same amount of interest and to the same detail as I do a select few (for obvious reasons)!! In fact, very often in posts I make references to someone or the other being of a certain zodiac sign as though that was self explanatory as to why the person acted in the said manner! My husband keeps laughing it off as nonsense! He believes that every zodiac is attributed with the same characteristics and that the astrologer uses different words to make them look different. I beg to differ. Simple test being, check your friend list and categorize them as per their zodiac signs and then you’d most definitely see the pattern. Exceptions do exist but then they are just that!

Thanks to Google I check various astrology sites. Some are useless sites which have done the cut, copy, paste process and have nothing new to offer. I go into such detail that I can actually make out if it is a copy. Most of the daily forecasts which are a part of sites like yahoo or magazines etc are totally fake in that they actually have set forecasts which they shuffle from zodiac to zodiac- same language, same prediction!! However, some are genuinely interesting and have something special to offer. Some numerology sites and tarot sites are outrightly spooky in their accuracy.

Linda Goodman was gospel for me in college and I believe that my base or understanding of all sun signs originate from her with more material added on over the years!

It is now the age of memes and short attention spans so what catches our eyes (well, at least my eyes) the most, are those brief “most angry to least angry zodiac signs”, “the most intelligent zodiac signs” “20 must knows about Libra” and so on. There are a lot of sites that have come to my notice which write things about the Aquarius which I do not agree with so I am writing 25 insights into the Aquarian woman from what I see at majority sites with my own interpretation where required! And how am I such an authority, you’d ask. Well, I am an Aquarian born on 29 Jan 1974. This way you get a glimpse into my world. The traits should be more or less common with the males of the zodiac as well.
1. Aquarians lack emotional depth and are cold- It is true when people say that about the Aquarian woman (perhaps men too) for sure, when they aren’t a part of her inner circle of family or friends. She is outwardly friendly but not very welcoming beyond a point. Personally, I laugh and joke with people I meet and sincerely too but it would take a lot for me to invite someone over (after all you cannot run away from your own zone of comfort once you let someone in and find them stifling!!). I could never say “do come over” if I didn’t mean it even though the person in front of me says in a number of times but when I do say it, I mean it. I like 95% of the people I meet but very few make it to more than that and that has nothing got to do with them not being good. It is just an inner censor. It is because we have great emotional depth (yes!!) and are petrified of being let down. We’d rather be perceived as cold, vague, hoity-toity than open our doors to all and sundry to be hurt later on. Very few people, not worthy of trust, have been able to penetrate this wall.

2. Aquarian Women are fiercely independent- They are. By this, I mean they have a mind of their own and like to decide for themselves. They can hold their own against any person/group once they take a stand, with or without support. They just need to know they are right and a lot of thought goes into the decision making. Personal space is all important for them no matter what relationship they are in. They need room to be themselves- a lot of room.

3. They are eccentric, weird and aliens of the zodiac- True to a degree I guess. This perception is probably due to their innate sense of non-conformity and ideas that are way ahead for people to comprehend- be it dress sense, their take on social issues, their rebelliousness on issues which people usually tend to accept as a given.

4. They are detached, distant, aloof- Yes, I believe we are- not always but for a large part. That is recovery time that helps us think without bias. It helps us centre ourselves. It is an imperative part of our existence so that we can give our best the rest of the time! Our partners/spouses feel it, our kids feel it, our loved ones feel it but they learn that it is an essential part of who we are- it is not about offending anybody but conserving our inner spirit so that it may burn bright again.

5. They are stubborn, unyielding, obstinate, difficult, dogmatic and unreasonable- My mother would be nodding furiously as she reads this one! Well, stubborn, obstinate and unyielding I accept but not without explanation. Dogmatic and unreasonable which I do not accept are also offshoots of the same so I guess the explanation would cater to that too.

Do bear with me here but this is “Elementary, My dear Watson”

To begin with the 12 Zodiac signs are categorized under four elements: Fire (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius), Earth (Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo), Water (Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces) and Air (Aquarius, Libra and Gemini). They are also categorized into three major groups based on common traits irrespective of the element: Fixed (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius), Cardinal (Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra) and Mutable Signs (Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces and Gemini). Fixed signs have certain fixed ideas and opinions and are resistant to change unless convinced otherwise. Cardinal signs are the ones who welcome change and like to try new things and explore new horizons. Mutable signs are flexible and easy to get along with but they change opinions often in an effort to please, in all good intention, which sometimes backfires.


It is because the Aquarius is a fixed sign that they appear stubborn, unreasonable and whatever else because once their mind is made up, they need really convincing arguments to change their mind. Having said that, they are the last ones to come to a decision without ample thought and they are usually right (can I hear some sniggering from my very own?). Yet, if the argument is foolproof, they give in and are more than willing to accept the change. Aquarians are not difficult at all in my opinion. I shall put this to test by getting the family to read the blog. If they laugh sheepishly, I’ll know!!

6. Aquarians are insensitive and unemotional- I                                 disagree completely. They do not like showing their emotions to every Tom, Dick and Harry but they are very sensitive and emotional. Personally, I am uncomfortable when people see me cry for it makes me vulnerable. However, for the past few years, tears seem to be free flowing- blame it on hormones!!

7. They are tactless- I don’t know really. I’d like to believe I am very tactful and so are others of my tribe for being tactless means hurting people and that is something Aquarians (male or female) do not like to do. They love shocking people but not hurting them!

8. They are rebellious- Yes, we are and not just for the sake of it but rules and restrictions go against out independent streak and this does not go well with us. It is not as though we do not understand what is expected of us as good citizens but we positively despise being micromanaged. I admit I am non conformist and I absolutely detest the word compulsory. Use it and I won’t listen (call it attitudinal deficiency if you must!). I believe that human beings have the capability to think and largely are peace loving and comfort loving beings. They must be given a bit of loose rope. I rate self discipline rather high on my list but I do not like being bullied into doing something against my will.

9. Cranky, are we? – Hate to admit but yes, we can be. Unorthodox, strange, irritable and all that the word encompasses we can be- but only some of the time. Normally, Aquarian women come across as amiable- some quiet and shy, some forthright and upfront but congenial mostly.

10.                                       Unpredictable and enigmatic- Yes, even to ourselves. That’s us. We haven’t figured ourselves out so how can you?

11.                                       Humanitarian and visionaries- Agree to both though I haven’t seen the latter trait in me yet. Sounds soothing to my ears- maybe someday! But there have been many under my sign in the past who have contributed to making our lives easier today just by their vision (both males and females).

12.                                       Good Leader, Inspiring colleague- I am blushing now. I know we can boost morale and find great satisfaction in doing so, which is why we have perhaps earned this tag.

13.                                       Loyal, Honest and Trustworthy- Immodest as I say yes to all three and this is for both sexes of the zodiac. Loyalty we take to an extreme- not just in relationships but to pop singers, actors past their time, restaurants, favourite foods- anything that has comforted us or made us smile in the past/present. Honest to a fault though personally, I have indulged in a bit of white lies just to make people I care about happy- but about insignificant things only. If I give you my word, you can count on it and I can keep a secret.

14.                                       Love to be alone- Very happy in our own company I admit. Imagination has always been our buddies. Silence is therapeutic.

15.                                       Funny and Humourous- Only when we don’t consciously try to be. It has never worked for me on stage but I am a natural in comfortable spaces. Dry humour makes us laugh and sardonic humour and Sarcasm is our forte.

16.                                       Paradox- A word that describes us to perfection- me, most certainly, but I can vouch for my tribe as well. Human beings are paradoxical in general just as life is but we Aquarians feel it a bit more and all the time! “Craves the new but is resistant to change” is just the beginning of a long long list! We have two strong opposing schools of thought which make us unbiased as well as crazy!

17.                                       Original- Yes, for there is no other way to be but to be ones own, unique, free thinking self!

18.                                       Tough to love- I beg to disagree. We just need time to trust. We need to trust and be trusted, to respect and be respected, to be friends first of all and have channels of communication open at all times. We may be intuitive but are an absolute disaster when it comes to reading between the lines. We believe in open and healthy communication. Once we fall in love, we believe it is for keeps. We never give up on those we love- the loyalty kicks in here!

19.                                       We mingle with anyone- True. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from or what the world thinks of you, if you are good to us we will always be good to you.

20.                                       We are sapiosexual and kinky- Yes to the former I believe and the latter sounds negative. I’d rather put it as open to experiment. That’s okay then!

21.                                       FRIENDS- We are defined by them. We are known to have many. We do. This is the outer circle though and they are all dear to us but the inner circle friends are few and far between and they are vital for our existence.

22.                                       Unconventional mothers- We are that too. Understanding our kids and indulging them is our happiness. Playing with them and sometimes treating them at par makes it unfair to the angels. 

23.                                       Prone to insomnia, fatigue and OCD- I second the first two- the first leading to the second. Over-thinking (a fundamental Aquarian trait) is the root cause of the insomnia- the mind refuses to shut down. Continual nights of insomnia lead to fatigue. OCD I haven’t read about in more than one source and personally do not see myself as an OCD. On second thoughts, it might be the overdose of loyalty that becomes obsessive and that I am guilty of. I feel like a traitor if I give up on something, some place or someone I have been a fan of before unless it/him/her becomes totally unworthy and that I doubt! We also tend to suffer because of it.

24.                                       You can be yourself in front of an Aquarian- This is true for the Aquarian male and female. We accept everyone and are non judgemental- what you wear, what you think and believe, what you look like, what your sexual orientation is, whether you are having an extra marital or not, living in or married is none of our business and we believe that one aspect of an individual does not define him/her and even if it does we are okay with it. We may not agree with any of or all of the above but we will not condemn you for it. We genuinely believe in the live and let live policy. We absolutely detest being told what to do and we do not have double standards.

25.                                       Give great advice- Sometimes we overdo it or give it without it being asked for which can be infuriating for you but we give sound advice. We are unbiased, forward thinking, positive and intuitive to a certain degree. The sad part is that when we ourselves need it the most we are bad- not always only when it is super important- then our stable mind leaves us. A Libran, Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer and Virgo are our best bet then.

Well, there is a lot more but I have made it as comprehensive as I possibly could. Each person that reads this will perceive it differently; may agree or disagree, but these are common points that have been read, observed keenly and experienced by me.


 Jan 21-30 – Aquarius/Aquarius Decanate- Highly original and persistent
Jan 31-Feb 09- Aquarius/Gemini Decanate- Great Communicators
Feb 10-19- Aquarius/Libra Decanate- Attractive and pleasant



  1. Wow. Great insight dear. I was never a Linda Goodman fan but completely agree with her that Man and Woman belong to two different planets. You are an awesome girl who has a great sense of humor. Love reading your blogs

    1. Thank you ever so much Sandy...you keep me going! :)

  2. Interesting indeed! Being a fellow Aquarian, I can relate to most of what had been written. Let me take them point wise :
    1. πŸ‘
    2. πŸ‘
    3. Not eccentric but prone to taking path breaking decisions when situation demands it. Basically, not afraid to take the unknown alley.
    4 πŸ‘
    5 πŸ‘ but not unreasonable, as explained by you.
    6 πŸ‘Ž Emotions do run deep
    7 oh no! We are tactful! But I don't use it unless pushed. Not too bothered about appearances!
    8 πŸ‘ But age has definitely mellowed us downπŸ˜„
    9 Yes cranky sometimes!
    10 Enigmatic definitely!
    11 πŸ‘
    12. πŸ‘
    13. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    14. Very bigπŸ‘ Me time and me space is a must! I do get exhausted with social events and too much interactionπŸ˜…!
    15. I'm definitely not grumpy!
    16. Can't say much about being paradoxical. I'm pretty straight and simple. I operate according to the demands of situations by shifting gears of my energy levels. May seem lazy and laid back one time.... yet energetic and rolling another time.
    17. πŸ‘
    18. Agree completely with your views
    19. True that! But definitely take time to connect!
    20. Absolutely!
    21 Agree about friends. I may not interact much with my close friends but the emotions bonding us remain intact.
    22. Unconventional mother I am. This is my daughter's grouse!
    23. Don't agree. I dont have sleep issues unless there is a great excitement in the offing.
    24. I generally don't categorise people with their zodiacs, except Virgo, because my daughter is one and I believe our traits are in conflict most of the time!
    25 Can't say much. I know I'm not good at giving great advice. But looking back I've helped some friends in earnest.

    Hope this helpsπŸ™‚

    1. Anu!!! Love you for taking the time out to give me a detailed analysis...did it help? A great great deal. It also reaffirms my belief in the zodiac signs! Variations will be there...that's what makes us unique but by and large it is true! Thank you so very much :) :)

  3. Great .. learned lot about aquaria. ..

  4. Haha.....amazing. .. .Guess what mili is an Aquarius. ...hahaha...

    1. :D :D A-ha! No one to understand her better than you...not just as a Mom but as a Libran too!! And Thank You :)

  5. I think we are all the same irrespective of the signs, depending on situations πŸ€”

    1. Characteristics and emotions are only so many so obviously we have them all but in different permutations and combinations! It is that, which possibly groups us thus! Certain idiosyncrasies stand out though...well, now you know why my husband and I can never agree on zodiac signs and traits...he doesn't believe in them at all and I DO!! ;)

  6. Just scimm n scammed this write up. I go 60 for and 40 away!!!


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