Defining Boundaries: Novak Djokovic


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Respect. Respect. Respect. Here is a man who knows his boundaries and who knows his person is more important than his accomplishments, his status or his standing and is willing to put all at stake for self-preservation! Kudos to the current world No. 1, Novak Djokovic!

The 34-year-old Tennis champion from Serbia has been in the news for refusing to take the covid 19 vaccine. He may have to pay the price for it by forgoing future championships. He, however, refuses to budge. Firmly, politely and with due respect, he says he has nothing against the vaccine and has taken vaccines before but he personally does not want to take this one and that only he would decide what goes into his body.

There is a strong lesson in this for everyone. Let us learn from this man. First of all, if you think I am a staunch fan coming to his rescue then let me get that out of the way. I appreciate a whole lot of people but I am not a fan of anybody, especially a frenzied one. The first and last time I ever went crazy about someone in the public eye was George Michael during his “Wham!” days. I was thirteen then.

Let me now put my case forward. Every human being is working really hard to lead a successful life. We all have our dreams and aspirations to make it big someday and irrespective of whether we actually make it or not, we definitely strive for it. A few of us actually get there with sheer grit, while co-creating with the Universe. And Mr. Djokovic is one of them. He has worked really hard and has always come across as a man with a good head on his shoulders. His statement is not a mere whim to show how powerful he is or that the famous can get away with anything. He is not going against the law. He does take his tests and he does follow protocol. All he is saying is that he knows his body, he knows his fitness levels, (he has tested positive to covid once and has later tested negative) and he does not feel called to take the vaccine. He admitted that he erred by appearing for an interview while still in quarantine and that that was a lapse but he remains adamant to the fact that he decides about himself.

A whole lot of people and authorities believe that when you are in the public eye, you have a responsibility to maintain discipline since so many people are inspired by you and I agree. Yet, being famous does not mean you are the puppet of your fame. I believe that the tennis champ has been responsible and quite the example of a gentleman and he is teaching an important lesson by taking a stand. He is setting boundaries. Our body is our temple. Most of us haven’t treated it too well. I know, I haven’t and I am paying the price for it. Here is man who recognizes that. Do you think he would jeopardize his life on a whim? Give him some credit. He must be confident about himself and in complete touch with his body to be so sure and then he has the spine to stand up for himself. If this isn’t admirable, what is?

As long as he does his tests as and when he is required to, I see no reason why he cannot play in the future. If the authorities want to make an example of him so that no one in the future will “revolt”, they are missing the point here. Only someone who is either sure of themselves, who loves themselves and respects themselves or someone who hates themselves would say such a thing. Clearly, our Serb Star isn’t suicidal or lacking self-esteem. He just knows himself and has the gumption to be his own supporter. A standing ovation for that. I hope that people will take the right lesson home!

More power to you Novak Djokovic!



  1. Great point, coming from him and you. Novak is a great player and a splendid human too. Great courage of conviction shown with complete poise. The problem is those people who will quote and follow him, without having the personal discipline and truthfulness that he displays...

    1. Thank you :) Well, someday they'll understand that only they stand to lose!


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