Ego Death: Learn, Create, Expand!

A lot many of us believe that ego drives us to achievement. To an extent it is true. A husband smirks at his wife, “you just can’t drive to save your life, not even to the supermarket next door and you tell me you are going out to the movies on your own, driving, ten kilometers away! Ha!” The wife hurt by the tone; ego crushed by the smirk actually takes that car and goes to the movies. Ego satisfied. She never ventures out again. In a few cases, she actually breaks the fear cycle with that one move but it is usually rare. This is one silly example and there are a lot many such examples albeit different relationships and situations. The outcomes as I mentioned earlier are, more often than not, temporary.

To permanently put fear to rest and actually break out of self-limiting beliefs, we have to kill our egos, once and for all. When we kill the “I” and surrender to the Universe, and focus on achieving whatever we want to, we liberate ourselves and reach our highest potential. The Ego or the “I” is nothing but fear created in our heads, mostly imaginary, under one label or another and seemingly protective of our best interests! There is a whole lot of resistance our mind throws at us when we want to move ahead, in the form of self-doubt but if at that moment, we recognize the tendency and nip it in the bud, the doors to limitless growth and expansion open out in front of us.

Have you ever noticed that people who are really knowledgeable and wise, seldom brag and are usually the humblest of all souls? It is people who are unsure of who they are that brag or force their opinions on others. Their egos make them do that to feel protected. If there is no ego, there is no embargo on learning, because you don’t feel any lesser if you do not know something, you just try and learn it. Similarly, you can create magic at whichever age or stage you are in your life, if that ego is crushed. If not, it will pop up in unpleasant ways and under the garb of keeping you safe, it will never get you started.

Our souls want to expand till they reach the same frequency as that of the Universe. Our body is limited our soul is not and if we can understand that, there is no looking back! All we have to do is just live our lives, enjoying every bit of it, knowing that the nature of everything in this life is transient. As Marilyn Monroe says, “The sky isn’t the limit. Your mind is…”




  1. I don’t know how I missed out on this one! There’s such a thin line between ego and self esteem. Unfortunately, many seldom realise when this line blurs and you cross over to the other side. As long as you can maintain that balance there shouldn’t be an issue! That said.. Another lovely read sisend!

    1. Thank you confabulations_anonymous! :) Ego is our fear talking though we don't recognize it to be that! It limits us and it falsely makes us proud of all our limiting choices! Our mind really does play games and ego is one of them!!!


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