An Evening Before Losing My Last Wisdom Tooth!


“Petrified” should sum up the blog but then that would be unacceptable so I shall elaborate! Less than twenty-four hours from now I shall have only 27and a half teeth left! Why I say half is because the 28th tooth is technically less of a tooth and more of the root canal and cap contraption. You know, you wouldn’t count the teeth on your denture as your own!

How can a “petrified” person write a blog, you’d ask? Well, what can I say?! Fear can do that to the best of us! Who else would, in an attempt to keep one’s heart from racing to uncomfortable beats, work towards losing the precious readers one has! I have to do it. I cannot handle physical pain. I need diversion and if it is at the cost of writing a blog that might hamper my longevity on this platform, so be it. I really cannot handle my nerves.

I am a doctor’s worst nightmare! Yes! This, from a mother who has delivered two kids normally after rather long labour, on both occasions! The first doctor refused to reveal the gender of the child saying I didn’t deserve to know and the second time around, the doctor stayed away from me for twenty four hours after which she said, “your mother said you were a pilot, but you are worse than a villager!”(This comment I still fail to understand!)

To be fair to me, two out of the three extractions were horrifying experiences. In the first instance, the dentist worked on my tooth for an hour and then said, my tooth broke and he didn’t have enough facilities in that clinic of his and that I should with this half-opened tooth, come to the Dental college. My kids aged seven and three respectively, kept watching their mother’s increasingly swollen cheek which she definitely didn’t want kissed. My husband drove me and the really quiet kids to the dental college, where after three x-rays, during the next two- three hours in between the surgery, I had increasing number of heads breathe over me. It felt like a death sentence! The side of my mouth was cracked and bleeding by the time it was done and I was stiff jawed and numb for a long time. I had to get the stitches removed after a week. He removed them with great difficulty because my jaw was jammed, it wouldn’t open beyond half an inch! I was on mashed food. A month later, I felt thread in my mouth and sure enough the stitches were not all gone and I had to go back and get them removed.

The next time around, I even changed states and went to my mother’s favourite dentist in God’s Own Country! “You won’t feel a thing!” turned out be a harrowing experience. The tooth broke, but his was a well-equipped clinic so he laboured on and two hours later, when I thought we were done, the power went off. The good doctor had his generator come on, but the tooth wouldn’t budge. He pulled and pulled and cut and what not and then, guess what??!!!! His generator ran out of fuel but the tooth was nowhere near coming out! I was sent home and told to have liquids if I was hungry from the corner of my hideously swollen cheek, with a straw. We went home, tears rolling down my eyes. It’s frustrating when you can’t vent your anger because you can’t speak or make any animated gesture or you’d squeal in agony! An hour later the power restored, we get a call to get back there and this time, I surrendered to God (“Take me to you or get it over and done with soon”) and He relented. The tooth came off and he showed it to us. The roots looked deep like that of the extinct sabre toothed tiger, but on the inside. I was just about to look fascinated when he said that all my teeth in the lower jaw would have painful extractions for this reason and wiped any chances of a smile resurfacing on my face.

The third extraction was of the wisdom tooth on the upper jaw and this was a piece of cake in comparison. You get the drift I am sure. This fourth one, to be extracted tomorrow, is on the upper jaw as well but it is already broken and try as I might, it is difficult for me to be cool and positive about it. I am on the “law of attraction” mode so I am doing my best to fake it and since I wasn’t doing a good job of it, this blog came to life! Actually, I am feeling a bit better now, I think. Well, dear readers, I had said in my previous blog that I’d write about twin flames and this is a letdown I know but do bear with me and if you are feeling particularly generous do say a prayer for me too! Hope to be back with something better than this despite lesser wisdom!!!



  1. I feel so terrible saying this! But I really had a tough time stifling my laughs reading your account of your previous tooth extractions! I think smiling through the face of adversity and making others laugh through your blog is a virtue worth possessing indeed and I am glad that this last one has been uneventful so far.. Speedy recovery wishes and hopefully the uneventfulness will pull you through this last ordeal...

    1. Thank you Toxicheaven! :D I can join you now considering the fact that this time it was short and nothing like the previous three! Thank you for your prayers and good wishes too :)

  2. God!!! You definitely know how to translate pain into not my fault if I am giggling after reading your blog. But, jokes apart, tooth pain is the worst pain and you have really suffered a lot. Much strength to you and loads of love.

    1. Thank you dear friend ;) Flat ten minutes Anvita! This time I couldn't believe it when he said it's done! I am almost laughing again! God Bless Him and God Bless You :)

  3. Well what should I say... things are only getting better for you with each passing extraction ! Just keep the teeth in your lower jaw healthy I guess...

  4. Replies
    1. It was way better than the last three by God's grace!


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