Quarter of a Jumbone?!!! Hooman Stinks!

Hi! Em Joey and em gonna be 9 months soon but the way these hoomans have started scrimpin on my treats, looks as tho em gonna stay this big forever. Hopin’ I don’t shrivel up!

Credits: Me Sis

They no like this b4. About 2 weeks ago, I very happy pupper. Big bro came home. I love him. He no lazy like Mum n Sis. He faster than Dad. He play a lot. Sis pets a lot n sumtimes it’s a heckin big concern when she does a smother. Mum is grumpy about everythin’- grumpy if I choo table, grumpy if I choo chair, grumpy if I choo carpet- she jus a grumpy ol’ woman but she give yummy foond. She shares from her plate the yummiest yums. Dad is super cool. He my favrit. He slower than bro but spends a lot more time. He smells like me. Sometimes he bees a pest and get after my ears to put stench drops but mostly he be cool.

Now, big bro sleeps a lot, he takes me shorter walks, he n sis bore me with their chats and screens and sumtime they run after me when I about to sleep. Sum timing! Dad at home these days, no work but takes me shorter walks too, watches lot TV and plays a bit. Grumpy Mum is less grumpy which is good, she pets me lots more but she is scrimpin on my snaccs! I got quarter jumbone this morning! I not got chimken garnish over the regular Royal Canin pellets (like goat poo) and chimken gravy. She so happy with me then what she doin? Not had soop in 4 days!

Hoomans in my family gone mad. My ears stand up when Mum say go it 19. I happy pupper and ran for 19 treats but nothin’. What corona? New treat? I pupper. Need treats for becoming big dog. Goat poo not helping. Can swap that for chimken sticks and chimken pupper rings! I love em’ drooly. Any of you no my family, tell em’ to give me more yumz.

Givin’ y’all a big mlem.


  1. 😂😂😂 Joey 🤗🤗🤗🤗 i pray ur momma gets less grumpy.

  2. Awwwww....Joey, you little munchkin, you....wish I could also cuddle you in person, you pupper...stay happy and keep your hoomans happy by being just you.

  3. Read it almost as soon as you had actually penned it but never got to commenting amidst ordering groceries online and watching the news!!! LoL.. It was such a pleasure - the read! Amongst my top favourites, the other one being the one you penned about the Suitcase :) Like someone smart once said.. The more I interact with humans.. I am realising how much I like dogs better!!! A squishy hug to Joey from me and Steffie too!!!

    1. Thank you Toxicheaven and a lot of drooly licks and borks from Joey!

  4. Joey I he's you pupzzz awwwww lov uu daaling❤️


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