A Simple Appeal: WAKE UP DODOS!

It is 1227h in Hyderabad, India and I am sitting here typing, when there are a pile of jobs waiting for me to tackle. The situation is getting grim the world over but this fact has not percolated down to everybody. On one hand, people believe the Governments are overreacting while on the other hand they themselves are hoarding supplies and going out over and over again to get them- that lousy mask is going to protect them from God itself leave alone Corona! They were born invincible!

This syndrome of telling everyone else to take precautions but not practicing what they preach because “it can’t happen to us” is the cause of this uncontrolled situation which is getting worse by the minute.

I sent my maid back a week ago and told her to stay put and that I would give full wages to her if she just stayed at home. Apparently, the other women she works for don’t agree and have asked her to work and when I spoke to her yesterday, she was still suffering from a terrible cold and said she cannot stay put because she needs the money.

Poverty and lack of education among the masses and apathy and complete dependence on services make the lock down a complete farce at least in India. The Governments and essential services are doing their bit and a good job at that but don’t we as a population have any role to play?

I had just come with my first cup of tea and late breakfast after a round of chores to see a video forwarded by my brother who is a doctor working in the UK. He told me to listen to it carefully and forward it to as many people as I could. Dr. Jack in an interview to Tom Swarbrick on YouTube. https://youtu.be/tr4xCcE3BEI I have been in tears since and that is why I am writing this to you out there hoping that you would circulate the same in whichever way you can.

The literate, well-to-do lot of us have worked hard to live a life of comfort and it is with dismay that we look at chores like washing dishes and sweeping the floors especially in India. Just do it people! Do it for four months or however long it takes. Allow poor people to stay indoors too. Please pay them wages even though you know those morons may just use it to go out themselves. We will leave that to the Government who are doing a great job of actually shutting down everything except essentials. After a while they won’t have anywhere to go, with the transportation also coming to a standstill. Please educate those who do not understand the severity of it.

Some people have to go to work and they are selflessly doing so. Let us not let their sacrifice go to waste. Elderly people are to stay indoors even if they are young at heart and want to go out there and stop it themselves and serve actively! The best way to serve the Nation and the world in this time of grave crisis is to STOP BEING A COVIDIOT AND STAY AT HOME!


  1. Absolutely true. These are really really grim times and we have to sail through it by being sensible

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    1. I just hope the message gets across to everyone and people start being responsible by choice.

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  4. I couldn't agree more, Anu. However, I have long stopped agonizing over the idiocy, selfishness or apathy of others. I do my bit and try to make the ignorant in my environment, aware. Beyond that, I have come to realize that getting upset over people deliberately putting everyone at risk only hurts me.
    I admire you immensely for putting yourself into the fight and spreading the good word. I myself just dont have the energy for it.
    There is a hole in our personal isolation in any case, with husbands in the military who dont have the luxury of social distancing. Sanitizing the home and keeping morale high (along with a daily dose of chyavanprash) to boost immunity is the best I can do.
    Keep the good work up.
    Love you for your spirit...!

    1. We can do only what we can do!!! I know it is basic stuff but at this stage just being responsible by choice will be a blessing. Love you!

  5. Takes all kinds to make the world go round!!! Covidiots included.. Alas, we've got to co-exist.. So what's the choice! Well written and thoroughly enjoyed the read.. Virtual hugs xxx

  6. Thank you Toxicheaven. The numbers are climbing steadily despite best efforts by the Government but they do need a population that cooperates! VH to you too :)


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