The Birth of Yet Another Blogger!

At 43, I can no longer contain my need to express. I haven’t been the quiet, holding-everything-within-me kind of person and yet, if I am truly honest, whatever I have expressed even at my lowest low, has been well edited. Sometimes, it is easier to let yourself known to an audience whom you don’t know than to those close and trusted well wishers. Sounds vague, doesn’t it? It isn’t though, for you are not looking for endorsement or appreciation from people you don’t know but you are afraid to be judged by those that matter.

Musings while unlearning has been born on impulse amidst a frustrating morning that has begun badly. I have been wanting to blog for a while but it seemed complicated, the domain name didn’t seem right, the fire in the belly was put out and many such nonsensical reasons. Today, however, the emotional explosion has made it unbearable to keep within!
The domain name made itself clear to me as the only way to change my life. I have to unlearn those seemingly all important values which I now stuff down my children’s throats and which I have lived by all my life. My values don’t seem to fit in, in today’s world.

I begin to try and unlearn the biggest source of frustration lately-PUNCTUALITY!  I am looked at as an unreasonable almost-senile old hag in the making, for expecting people to show up on time! The driver of the battered van who comes late (after I make at least two phone calls) ensuring that my son reaches his classes consistently late, has the audacity to tell me that it isn’t his hobby to delay children and that he can’t control traffic. When asked why he couldn’t start fifteen minutes earlier catering for traffic, he hung up on me!
The domestic help, who joined work after putting forward her terms and conditions, setting the time as per her convenience leaves me waiting for an hour or more , sometimes not turning up at all, gapes at me when questioned and asks, “Aap toh kaam pe nahi jaati na, toh itna chik chik kyun?”(You don’t go to work, so why all this fuss?) I am left seething but I have been forbidden to ask for help by the good natured society-sweeper. She says it’s embarrassing to ask for someone to work for me as they say, “woh time-wala amma..ababaa! Nakko” (That Amma who keeps talking about time…no way).

Having been born to a super punctual father and over the years a well trained punctual mother (My father having served with the IAF) and having then served with the IAF myself and married to an IAF officer too, punctual is the only way to be. In fact, at home if anyone is chided for being late on a holiday it’s me!! My kids are still under training.

Recently, my daughter comes in five minutes late after playing, to see a fuming mother and instead of being apologetic, she says nonchalantly, “My friends were asking why you were so strict about time; their mothers are cool! They stay out till seven, sometimes seven thirty.”She then sees my expression getting worse, perhaps smoke coming out from my ears but quickly adds, “In fact, the mother of two of my friends are teachers and even they are not strict!” This really gets to me and I rant and rave about teachers being so casual and about what values they would possibly impart. Meanwhile, my daughter and her brother are now giggling over some private joke, having got me off their backs. It was now those invisible teachers who were at the receiving end of my tirade!

Has “time and tide wait for none” become obsolete? Is punctuality only meant for those in uniform?


  1. Straight from the heart...well begun... Wishing you many more...

  2. Very well written dear.. enjoyed reading... looking forward to read more.. All the best :)

  3. Well done , way to go, just keep at it. All the best.

  4. All for time. Wonderful beginning. Just keep pouring it out!!

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  6. Supreetchandi@gmail.com28 August 2017 at 08:57

    Hungry for more ...keep pouring

  7. Totally had me in splits! {Though I am sure.. that definitely wasn't the intended reaction ;)}
    Almost felt like you were talking to me in person! Absolutely loved the impersonations.. still smiling thinking of the kich kich wali amma bit.. Lol :)
    Keep the thoughts flowing.. and the same way, pens made way for keyboards.. keep punching the keys and hoping to read a lot more of your musings! :)

  8. Finally... A blogger... Am so happy.. And i loved this one.. Way to go!!

  9. Wonderful ... waiting for more ... way to go

  10. So refreshing to read something that comes straight from the heart..honest and amusing stories stemming from the frustration and chaos of a mother's typical day. Love it. Keep writing. Much love ��

  11. Great going!Engaging write up.

  12. I think you should have done this a long ago. So good to read your thoughts. And the best thing is, I can actually see you speaking all what you have written, and your million dollar smile. All the best for unlearning the learnt part


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