Morning Walks: Hate it, Love it

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”_ Henry David Thoreau

Feeling wonderful after the walk this morning! It wasn’t early morning either. I began the walk as late as 0900h, on a sunny August morning after the rains had taken a break for three days in a row. With my earphones plugged, I trudged along and my mood was instantly lifted as a light breeze blew past my face and hair. Thirty minutes before, I was trying my best to convince myself to go while finding a long list of excuses, not to do so. I must add that my brain does come up with really convincing ones at this hour. The meek voice in my head was not put out completely though. The reminder that I had been disciplined for quite a while now and not going would get me back two steps, could not be put out. The evil bit of me said that there was extra work piled up, today was water day and clothes had to be washed and that the Sun was scorching. Surprisingly, the easily subdued part of me did a googly. It played the devil by telling me that the last red velvet cupcake could be eaten without guilt if I went for the walk. At this point, I put on my shoes and blocked all other noises in my head.

I soon reached the walking track which is a small rectangular path around an enclosed playground for children. The perimeter is at best 300metres which is perhaps the reason behind it being a relatively unused one. The outer side of the track is covered with uniform hedges alternating with large green leaves and maroon ones (so much so for my knowledge of botany) beyond which are tall Ashoka trees on one side and a variety of other trees and tall bushes on all four sides. It is beautiful and well covered, even if it is not too convenient. Most people find it irritating to go around in small orbits like this one. This is precisely the reason I go there- so as to not bump into anybody I know. I do not like conversation in the morning! It is a huge sacrifice I make, mind you, for the area we live in is beautifully connected with a neat well kept maze of roads and lots of greenery. The lanes are teeming with life early morning till about eight with joggers, school children awaiting their respective buses and a lot of happy people walking their four legged friends! The cool morning breeze has a magical effect on you. And yet, I don’t go at this time for there are a few people I always bump into. There is one particular lady, who happens to be a family friend of sorts who is probably in her late sixties or early seventies. She is beautiful and charismatic but is probably lonely for she catches anyone who dares make eye contact with her. At the cost of sounding insensitive, she jams and no matter how you try wriggling out of the conversation, body language screaming to be set free, she won’t let go and how! A question followed by another and another… and how she loves to gossip! I’ve tried taking different routes, adjusting the time by half an hour, going anti clockwise, but I always bump into her! Usually she would be talking to some lady or the other (who exhibit the same body language as mine) and the glint of hope I offer them as Aunty looks at me is indescribable; they scoot at the speed of lightning leaving me to try every trick I know to take leave. I cannot ignore people, I cannot walk too fast to change the course after having seen her without getting caught (after all, we don’t want her hurt, do we?) so I decided to put an end to all of this by making it a late walk.
Well, at nine I reached the track uninterrupted. The sun was shining a little too bright for comfort but the blue skies had soft and fluffy patches of cumulus and they decided to keep it cool for me by slowly covering the sun. As I picked up pace, I had no idea about the treat that awaited me! Butterflies galore! I see a few everyday but today was different. With most beautiful hues on their little wings they were flying about merrily. Blues and blacks, oranges, yellows, white and blacks with spots of yellow and orange and so many more. Dragon flies also dotted the scene but little in number. Shades of all kinds make me exceedingly happy but this fluttering riot of hues was an unexpected surprise. I find that thanks to my love for them, I have begun to walk past caterpillars without cringing. I actually take care not to step on any as I walk.

I walk back with a spring in my step and smile at the little tree next to the drain, desperately trying to offset the stench by the beautiful and fragrant ‘parijat’ flowers it holds and by the carpet of the same it has made on the path I take back home. The walk that I dread before leaving home turns out to be a lovely one. Endorphins!!
Back home, I enter the doors happily and my eyes fall on the dish that holds the last cupcake but the craving to eat it was no longer there. I must admit that this is not usual!!


  1. Well written piece... morning walk not so early in the morning... but why care if it's helps the body and soul...

  2. Loved it!! As always you have conveyed all the complexities of a conflicting mind so beautifully. Allen the best.

  3. Interesting..... I told u.. U hv a way with words.... Luvd reading all ur blogs.....keep at it... Best wishes!!


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