Rubbed the Wrong Way Again?


“I am a peace-loving person. I have no time, inclination nor space for drama in my life and yet, I always manage to have people around me who can be nasty and who rub me the wrong way.” Do you ever hear yourself say that or find yourself thinking that? If so, this blog is for you.

I had an epiphany of sorts after a tarot reading by Avalon Intuitive. It hit me hard because I grumble and the statement above has done many a round, in my head. It is the reason (over the years I realise) for my transition from an extrovert/ambivert to a complete introvert. I didn’t see it this way at all. Subconsciously, my building walls around myself and staying away from people more and more was due to the reluctance to say it like it is when things got uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong. I am not the quiet, submissive variety at all. I get rejoinders, repartees, retorts and whatever you may like to call them, bathed in sarcasm too, immediately and with so much of Aquarius and Libra in my charts I can manage to do it a tad bit diplomatically too but once done my need to interact comes down to a zero. Also, it is easier spoken to equals/peers than to those perhaps older in age or related in some way…you get drift, I presume.

Without realizing it, I have been missing out on many opportunities to have a nice time just to avoid a few unpleasant people, some real and others imaginary (they may be there!).

I haven’t been paranoid and I am right in calling out the unpleasantries hurled at me under the garb of humour especially upsetting me because I think before I speak so that I do not offend anybody. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want a peaceful and happy atmosphere, you would think! No judgements but people react in different ways. Do read “Hurt People: Harsh Truths” which talks about this. The link is below.

Now comes the interesting part. 2020 and the pandemic happened. Social distancing kept me away from everybody except for my family. My son from college got back home. My daughter was already having online classes. Joey, our Labrador was very much in too and if that wasn’t enough, so was my husband. The only other people I meet are my parents. So, you would expect everything is sorted. It isn’t. I am encountering the same at home.

Short of going crazy, (even after all the shadow work and healing I do on a regular basis and so much of introspection and meditation) I sat there wondering what was wrong with me that I elicited these situations out of nowhere, when this reading came to focus. To shift my mind from the irritation, I listened to it and Voila! Clarity was mine!

Stay with me on this one even if it doesn’t make sense to you in the beginning. The reading I was aimlessly listening to was about soul calling. Believe me, it isn’t the first time I have been told that my voice needs to be heard in different readings but I never understood why I kept coming across the same thing since I am now a tarot reader myself and a blogger. What more was my soul calling me to do? Wasn’t I expressing enough? And then I felt her reading out my life in a nutshell!

 My soul was/is (since it is just a day-old enlightenment) trying to tell me to stand up for myself. Not to speak my truth and never encounter the said person again but to keep throwing myself out there and being vocal about what was acceptable and what wasn’t, till people respect my boundaries. I thought I was setting boundaries with a rejoinder but I never did put it to test since I would be running back to my ivory tower!! The Universe keeps throwing the same situations at you till you learn and liberate yourself from whatever it is that makes you uncomfortable.

I thought being at home was the solution but trouble starts brewing at home because I have been refusing to learn my lessons. It is with people I love and so there is no more running away. They live with me in that tower!! Thank You Universe! (I stopped myself from rolling up my eyes too!)

With fresh determination I am going to work on myself and woe betide anyone that crosses my laid down boundaries!! I cannot resist quoting her again but “Off with her/his/their head” in the inimitable Queen of Hearts style!!



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