HAPPY 2022: A Year for Love & Common Sense!


Wishing everyone out there a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year! 2022 brings with it hope after two difficult years. Call it a gut feeling or unshakable faith in the Universe and its natural tendency to restore balance, I sincerely believe that this year will finally let us be comfortable with the new normal and get on with our best lives.

2022 adds to a 6, which is a number of love and unlike the previous year which was all about change (which is seldom comfortable or enjoyable) this one will be about peace and harmony. In the tarot world, number 6 is the “Lovers”, depicted traditionally as a couple watched over by an archangel. Interestingly enough, the “Devil” card is a number 15, which adds up to a 6, and this is depicted by the same couple chained to one another with a devil watching over them. The same goes for this year! If you use your common sense, this year will spell Love and all good things that come from it- happiness, freedom, success, loving relationships and more otherwise the Devil energy will haunt you and by the devil I mean Fear and all things that arise from it- addictions, toxic relationships, self-defeating thought, imposter syndrome leading to self-sabotage, depression; unfortunately, the list here is endless too.

Common sense is something so basic but a lot of us don’t have it most of the time or at least some of the time! This is because we do not trust our inner knowing. In today’s world where there is so much information (I am not even talking about misinformation) available to us, we have become muddleheads! Words have so much power over us that it can twist us and our minds in so many different ways, if we do not have inner balance. A good orator can make you believe something and then change words to make you believe the exact opposite! So, imagine what we are faced with, when every click gives us access to amazing writers and amazing thoughts so many of which are contradictory! Everything seems right and then everything feels wrong and if that wasn’t enough, the final icing is when spiritual gurus tell us that there are no rights and no wrongs! I do not question them but do we have an idea where that is coming from? Are we ready to understand and appreciate what we read? Do we use our common sense while applying teachings to our lives?

Human beings more often than not, are not “realised beings” and so we do not adopt equanimity which leads us to keep striving for the “good” and for happy times despite having lived for many years on this planet and knowing that the wheel of fortune can never be static. It has to move. There will be good times and bad and only if we have a balanced state of mind, can we safely say there is no good or bad, only because we have mastered our emotions.

We cannot change our thinking or our nature overnight. We do not “awaken” or get enlightened because we read something that is convincing. We can do that only if it comes from within and that can happen only if we connect to our being, to our soul. Meditation brings us closer to our true nature and so does Nature. Moderation as a part of our lifestyle is a great place to begin which is an uphill battle for “single poles” like myself.

I have read and heard so many people say that on the first day of the New Year and on our solar return (birthday), we ought to do a little bit of everything we love so that the whole year ahead is dotted with the very same things and our intentions become stronger. I believe in it. So, I followed it this year without fail and without common sense. Morning walk, Yoga, Meditation, Trip to the Temple, the first paragraph of this very blog, a tarot recording, cooking a sumptuous meal to eat with the family- my parents, husband, kids and Joey, wish my near and dear ones, friends and well-wishers, danced, wrote my journal and my gratitude journal; exuberance unlimited was I and I ended the exhausted day (after all my night time rituals) with a prayer. I did enjoy the day but as it progressed, I ignored the telltale signs of exhaustion, of aches and pains and kept trying to fit in everything so that I could do most of it every day and in doing so I moved from the Lovers Energy straight into the Devil energy. Result: After lights off, I couldn’t sleep; I watched my husband snore, my dog dream and the clock tick- all in despair as the hours passed, for I wouldn’t wake up early if this carried on! I didn’t and guess what?! This vicious night cycle continued for ten days before I could restore my body clock! All because I ignored my body, my inner knowing, my intuition and followed advice blindly, foolishly and without common sense. And this was a basic example but it is the basis of larger things and tendencies; of mob mentalities as well!

The takeaway from this blog dear readers is an appeal for you to be driven by your own inner compass this year. Just concentrate on who you truly are, what you really love and follow your heart without fear. Read and soak in knowledge but apply your own wisdom. Not everything everyone says is meant for you- not the diet, not the exercise regimen, not the career, not political opinions, not the fashion-not anything. Listen to what they have to say if YOU feel like it and DO ONLY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. (I have this queasy feeling that my daughter will read this and use it against me!!)

Breathe! Love! Laugh! Have a fantastic 2022 because you deserve it!



  1. Absolutely wonderful...do only what you want to do ! One size doesn't fit all. While there might be things to be done and tasks to be achieved, do it in your own way.....Happy 2022 !

    1. Thank you! Let's do this and make it a happy 2022 ;)

  2. How true you write! Being yourself and accepting what you are , brings tremendous peace. Wishing a happy 2022 to you as well. Keep writing, keep inspiring.


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