The Roaring Pride of the Zodiac: Leo!



How I wish I could’ve written this blog on time and ushered in the Leo Season (21Jul-22Aug) with it! Nothing is ever too much or too showy for the regal Lioness/Lion/Lion-cub! Unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be and now as we are well into the Virgo season, I get this urge to do this blog right now! I do not have the patience to write it and keep it aside for next Leo season either! At the end of the day, does it really matter? Anytime is a good time to hail the children of the Sun!

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you would know that I have written a blog each for the Aquarian woman (applicable to men broadly, as well) and the centaur tribe aka Sagittarius. In both those blogs, it was my take on how I view each of those signs due to my experience and having read a lot about the zodiacs to be able to compare the two.

Before I carry on, let me talk about an aspect that has become so clear to me since getting into tarot and reading astrology some more. Why no two people can be identical despite being the same sun sign, is because that is not the only placement that affects us. Sun signs are broadly who we are while our rising signs are how the world views us or how we project ourselves, unknowingly, and our moon signs tell us about how we are emotionally. Additionally, Venus talks about our love language- how we give and want to receive love while Mars talks about, what drives us to achieve, makes us angry and last but not the least, our sexual preferences. These are the major placements but other planets and placements also affect who we are and how we deal with situations. The North Node and the South Node talk about our destiny and what we are born with respectively!

If the above paragraph went right past your head, it is okay. Do not click off, this isn’t a technical blog! It is going in the same vein as the two prior to this- a mixture of the two, actually. In the Aquarian post, I used the clarify/ endorse/ negate-the-myths, style of writing while in the Sagittarius one I just wrote how I saw them. This one will be more like the Sagittarius one, with a few exceptions as I am not a Leo but Leos are diametrically opposite to the Aquarius.

This blog is a result of the many Leos in my life, right from the first person I set my eyes on-My Mother! A lot many dear friends and the friend who ended up being my husband; my first born, my Simba; two of my dear nieces, an adorable nephew and then some dear colleagues, some not so dear ones and others who have rubbed me the wrong way! Also, famous personalities from different walks of life whom I have studied over the years. So, let’s begin!! ROAR!!

1.They Stand Out- Just like the Sun, the children of the Sun, stand out. They are meant to shine; they are ready for their role before they are born and no one can take it away from them. They can be gorgeous to look at or may be plain, judging by trending standards; they may be loud or they may be quiet and reserved; they may have a great mane or the lack of it; they may have chic taste in clothes or be completely gaudy- the list is endless but the bottom line is, no matter what, they have that special something that will catch your eye and once you interact with them, they will stay with you for more than a while (good books or bad books irrespective!) You cannot help but notice them!

2.The World Revolves Around Me! – This is closely related to the above point. The difference is that the above was to tell you how they truly are and this one is the knowledge they have about it! Famous or infamous, they have this innate pride in themselves about themselves that they are special! Not just that, they want you to acknowledge that and deal with them accordingly. You can never quite flatter a Leo. They always believe it’s real. You can even pull their legs stretching the praise and they will still believe it! If you want to learn about self-esteem and confidence, learn it from here. Even the most insecure Leo (yes, a majority are, though they’d rather be dead or see you dead before they admit it) has this natural outer projection, that is larger than life and it is endearing and amusing at the same time. Remember, they are ruled by the Sun.

3.I know best and I am the Best! – This self- assuredness and confidence are possibly shared to some extent by the other fire signs of Aries and Sagittarius but they cannot pull off a Leo, no matter how hard they tried! For one, Leos are a fixed sign and they believe what they believe and that is the simple unquestionable fact that they are indeed the best!! You find that obnoxious? Your problem, for you don’t know any better!

4.Warm and Affectionate – Aquarians are known to be the coldest sign of the zodiac so you can take it from me, Leos are the warmest and most affectionate sign of the zodiac. If you have hailed them as the King or Queen of the relationship (this is mandatory), the heart that they open out to you is the largest, warmest and safest place to be! Their ways of loving you and taking care of you go beyond what anyone else can even begin to fathom. Cancerians are known to be the nurturers of the zodiac and all water signs uphold emotions and the depth of the same but they have layers to them. Leos are simple and uncomplicated and can go into minutest of details in making you feel comfortable and loved at all times. It comes naturally to them. Again, you have to have proven your undying loyalty plus the mandatory requirement mentioned above!

5. Generous and thrifty at once – Magnanimous in nature and always the bigger person it might come as a surprise that they are thrifty and economise wherever they can. As a loving gesture they might treat you to something magnificent and then shock you at other times, with their sudden restraint on what you might consider not all that high budget. It is not reflective of how well to do they are; this thriftiness comes naturally, perhaps, like the lion that kills prey only when hungry! Lionesses love to shop however, and loved being showered with gifts and luxurious things but when it comes to their own spending, they can be tight fisted too.

6. Loyal to you if you are loyal to me- As mentioned earlier, if you pledge your loyalty to them or if you stand by them in times of need, they will never let you down in return. No matter what the relationship, if the Lion/Lioness commits to you they are completely loyal, always. They might get carried away with praise and attention especially from the opposite sex or same sex or both, if so inclined but they will be right back, by your side at the end of the day. Being a fixed sign, their loyalty isn’t easily shakeable.

7. Follow Me, I won’t lead you astray- Leos are natural leaders much like the Lion that represents them! What makes them great leaders is the fact that they are great visionaries, good listeners (which make them empaths), authoritative when required and most importantly, they are a people’s person. The humanitarian aspect comes naturally to a Leo, their concern for the larger good makes people flock to them. However, when not in their element they can be controlling and stubborn with a “It’s my way or the high way” attitude. The good news is that unlike say a Scorpio, Taurus or Aquarius, they calm down relatively fast and can mould their original stance, if their ego is pacified. They lead by example which makes the next point necessary!

8. Self- disciplined- You cannot be a great leader if you cannot lead by example and that’s why Leos stand out because they are self-disciplined. They love occasional indulgences but be it their diet, their exercise regimen, dress and deportment or their work culture, they take pride in who they are and even those with insecurities or those not in their element, get back on track because they do not like being pointed out. Give them a routine and they will stick to it come hell or high water and if they don’t, outwardly they might dismiss it but they can be rather hard on themselves- not like a Virgo or Capricorn but hard enough! They strongly believe in “no pain, no gain”.

9. Courageous despite the fear within- Every one feels fear and our Lions and Lionesses do too. They follow the duck rule in this regard! Calm on the surface but paddling like hell. No matter how flustered they are, it is rarely seen on their countenance and it seldom stops them from moving into unchartered territory. They are not foolhardy after the “cub” stage during which time their ego and their over confidence can result in poor judgement! They are practical despite their larger-than-life portrayal of themselves; they usually don’t bite off more than they can chew! However, Leos are fiercely protective of their kingdom and those in it and it is especially so if you are their cub! They make fierce parents almost as much as a Tigress. You cannot mess with the child of a Leo parent! They’ll tear you apart. They are partial, unreasonably so, to their young ones!

10. Passionate and Great Lovers- Leos are passionate about everything they do and it is also seen in their sexual prowess. They enjoy seducing as much as being seduced. They can be fiery and a lot of fun. They are also romantic and mindful of their partner’s needs. They are energetic and cooperative. Their libidinal energy is second only to Scorpio!

11. An adorable sense of humour- Leos, for the life of them, cannot tell a joke. They ruin it- even a simple narration! They give away the punchline at the very beginning or forget the punchline just when you get interested! And yet, there is never a dull moment with them. They are naturals at spontaneous situational humour; not in the funny subtle way a Libran would see it or an elaborate way like a Piscean would but in a practical, slap stick sort of way! Needless to say, they make good company and you’ll be in splits around a Leo! On the flip side, if you laugh hard at their joke, they’ll repeat it more than once for full benefit till you have to fake that laughter. They can also be naughty and goofy, if you get to know them really well!

12. Energetic and Lazy all at once? – Like all fire signs, Leos like movement and though Sagittarians cannot be hurried, Leos are quick on their feet. Believe me, it is such a blessing to have a Leo mother and a Leo husband- I have never had to/don’t have to ever reach for the door or the phone unless of course, they aren’t around. This is such a blessing for an air sign! Why would I call such an energetic sign lazy? Actually, it isn’t laziness but a perpetual need for sleep. I do believe from personal experience, that the males need longer hours than Lionesses. Ever visited a zoo? The lioness keeps walking about while the Lion barely keeps his eyes open- same for the human lot!

13. Don’t ever cross the line! – The Leo is a happy person, spreading joy and radiance wherever they go but they do have a dark side just like the next person and if you cross that final absolute no-no line, get ready to face the wrath! They can be as bad as a Scorpio in this regard; vindictive as well. Rub them the wrong way and you get a bossy, selfish, stubborn, drama king/queen who would unleash hell. They are a fixed sign and can be headstrong and unmoving! Thereafter, you will always remain persona non grata, in their eyes. If, however, you do try to win their graces over a period of time with dedication, they might let you in but they will never forget what you did much like a Scorpio or a Cancerian.

14. Like the idea of sacrifice- Leos are generous as I mentioned earlier and they will always stand by the underdog as the protector-they are kings/queens, remember? While Leos can go to any extent, sacrificing their comfort and needs for those who matter altruistically (the lion starves during famine to lead by example so that others follow and the young can eat), they also stage manage certain situations that are comfortable and enjoyable for them under the garb of being sacrificial. They love seeing themselves as the martyr in all situations!

15. Best advice always- Leos give practical advice when you need it the most. Unlike a Libran or Earth signs who research well, they haven’t researched but they are in the know of things because they are alert, observant with an eye and ear open at all times to catch on to latest trends/remedies/solutions. So, while they give instant solutions to tide over the immediate problem, it may not be fool proof. Never tell them that though, they do not like criticism at all. They also take advice only when they ask for it. Giving unsolicited advice or free flowing criticism is their forte though. They never hold back. Royalty isn’t meant to hold back!!

Leos are special without doubt and this blog hasn’t done them enough justice; no blog or book or limited source can do justice to them- they are limitless! If any non-Leo should ask, “Aren’t we all?” what can I say, your verdict is out “Off with your head!”








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