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Tomorrow, on 21August21, my blog turns four! This post also happens to be my 100th! That calls for double celebration! What if I told you that I am reaching another milestone tomorrow?! Well, I am completing my 21-day Better Living Course with the Yoga Institute. My hundredth blog is my tribute to the Yoga institute, for doing so much in these 20days, for me, giving me hope that despite all my wrong choices in the past, I can still transform and live a wholesome life! Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? It is and it isn’t! If I follow the regimen and the tenets; make it a way of life, it will be a win-win situation for me or else, as one of the quotes we had to ponder on says “teachers open doors for you, but you must enter by yourself”, I shall remain at the threshold unable to drink from the cup before me!

This blog is also my gift to you dear reader for being here and egging me on. If you can benefit from it, I shall be happy and fulfilled.

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The Yoga Institute also known as TYI, is a non-profit organisation in Mumbai, India, which was founded in 1918 by Shri Yogendra, to make Yoga accessible to everybody. The spirit and vision with which this great soul had created this beautiful Institute is thriving and flourishing under the able guidance of his daughter-in-law, Dr. Hansa Yogendra, known affectionately as Dr. Hansaji or Hansa Ma, at the Institute, for her charismatic and astute leadership, her vast knowledge, involvement and dedication to this cause of serving people through awareness of Yoga. In fact, I stumbled upon this course, because of my growing appreciation of her YouTube videos which have helped me in many ways.

I have been an insomniac which I have probably mentioned before in the due course of my blogs. July was wreaking havoc on my sleep and after nearly a week of two to three hours of sleep at night, followed by no sleep during the day, I was on the verge of collapsing. In fact, that fated night I crashed on the computer table trying to write something. When I was woken up by my daughter, I got up to give the kids dinner and I announced I was going to sleep early. By the time I finished all the rituals, brushed my teeth, said my gratitude prayers and got into bed I was wide awake. I tried everything to get some shut eye but sleep was elusive as always. Finally, I picked up the mobile to check the time and at 0237h, panic setting in, as I had to wake up at 0500h. In desperation, I reached the Yoga Institute Website and stumbled upon this 21- day online Better Living Course and signed up for it. The cost was very reasonable and in my groggy state I paid up and with a strange sense of achievement I slept. Of course, I woke up twice before I had to finally wake up.

In the morning the kids were laughing at me. Why were you listening to Dr. Hansaji at night? This Dr. Hansaji seems to be worse than Sadhguru, they joked, since I follow Sadhguru as diligently as possible. My family is especially irritated because we are a completely non-vegetarian family, eating it in some form or the other, thrice a day on most days, 365 days of a year and I turned pure vegetarian from 24June21. They see me as the wet blanket of the family and sure enough Sadhguru is to blame!! Of course, my daughter does give him credit for my being calmer and less controlling in school matters.

Well, the course was to begin on 01 August 21. I had chosen the morning batch. 0700h-0830h. I didn’t receive any intimation from the institute on 01 August and I was wondering what I should do while the kids said “Scam alert” but I knew better. I wrote in again, to the Institute saying that I had paid up but I hadn’t got any intimation or material for the course. I checked in after a while and I saw nothing in the mail and as I was swiping the mail, I accidentally, opened a mail by Abhay Jain and there it was, the zoom link and all details of the class to be held next day. I then realised that I had seen this mail the previous day but had deleted it for I was looking out for “The Yoga Institute” and Abhay Jain was piled up with all the other numerous fake messages I keep getting all day from names unknown to me.

I joined on time on Day 2 taken by Ms. Lakshmi Shetty on the 08 Ashtangas in Yoga. It was such a beautiful class, in a step-by-step fashion, pleasant while touching such basic aspects of our life which we would ordinarily dismiss with a “who doesn’t know that”. I knew I’d stay.

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Day 3 to Day 19, were a mix of theory and practical asanas, designed to perfection. This was under the patient guidance of Ms. Snehal Mane with the demo given by the flexible Ms. Gitashree. The first thing that hits you is that these two beautiful souls, do not change their expressions no matter how many times you ask them a question. As a batchmate, I’d get irritated at times and have to deep breathe, especially when a person would ask a question which would be patiently answered in detail followed by someone else asking the same question a couple of queries later. Hats off to the two of them to bring us through these 20 days-one more day to go! On two days, Ma Hansa, came to interact with us. The first time she spoke to us, was near the beginning of the course where she shared certain pearls of wisdom on the philosophy of life and then towards the end, she spoke to us, with final bits for us to take home with us and thereafter we could ask her questions. Both occasions were wonderful It gets you to think. Her answers were practical and her examples were funny at times but they helped to drive the point home.

My husband is not one who praises easily but he commented a few days ago at how happy I looked lately. My sleep has also improved tremendously though I need to work on it some more. Most importantly, my body has become more flexible, my sinuses relieved and the quality of my meditation has improved. I am so grateful to the Institute and to all those who are a part of it. Also, to my batchmates for giving me the feel of college again!

This course is worth a try. Without giving anything away because I am not a Guru and it is not my place to explain Yoga, let me tell you that this particular course is designed for the average householder and it is about having a sound mind in a sound body. For those who are shy, take it from me, you can keep your video off, audio off, you may or may not be a part of the WhatsApp group though I highly recommend it as they do share the pdf of all that they teach. There is a lot of positivity there as well. No one forces you to do anything which is why you want to stay. You are encouraged every step of the way to connect with your body and mind so that you can do what is best for you, without having to follow what is “prescribed”. They teach you to be independent and then all that is ahead of you is a lit pathway of transformation. It is then your choice! Do you want to tread on it?



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  1. A nice and easy read... congratulations on completing a century as well as four years of blogging ! Continue expressing yourself for its always a pleasure to read your work...

  2. Congratulations my dear blogger. Milestone after milestone. You have always written thought provoking, intelligent, relevant, motivating blogs with a never lost sense of humour. Keep writing and inspiring your readers like me. Bless you

    1. Thank you so very much Anvita! :) You keep me going!


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