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Zombie taking over…

  •        Why is Haryana pronounced Har-ya-na in every language but Kerala pronounced Ke- ral in Hindi? Why is the ‘a’ eaten? Makes no sense and bugs me to no end.

  •         Why is that men graduate from Master to Mister at 18 and that has nothing to do with their marital status but for ladies Miss is unmarried and Mrs. is married and this vague Ms. is not understood by anyone? 

  •         Why do people you love and who supposedly love you back, go out of their way to cheer you up and get you to smile only to wipe it off your face moments later? It makes no sense and drives me nuts!

  •         Why do we ask questions and not pay attention to answers if it isn’t what we wanted to hear? Isn’t it better to ask our own self the question and be satisfied with what we want to hear? External validation sucks!

  •         Why is it that when people meet often, they have nothing better to do than bash someone up (not literally)- either someone who is not around, or the Government or anything, apart from those that are present? Hypocrisy or insecurity or just habit? Why meet so often then?

  •         Why is it that when you call a friend or relative, who hasn’t thought of you or called you, they launch an offensive on how you never call them? They are almost successful every time in getting you to sweat and mete out explanations in your defense until you hang up and kick yourself for calling and then again, for getting on the backfoot for no reason at all.

  •         Why is it that you are brave and dismissal of consequences about things you know you shouldn’t be doing like eating an ice-cream when you are trying to lose weight, only to regret it a moment after you’ve enjoyed the last bit? (I just ate one!) Occasional indulgences are good but how often is “occasional”?

  •         Why is it that parents have to motivate their kids to study and tell them to aim for the stars, when they despised it themselves and didn’t aim that high either? I hardly remember anything from school save for the languages and basic math. Why don’t we teach them to go with the flow for that’s what they’ll learn at 45?

  •         Why do we love people for their uniqueness and then want them to become like us?

  •        Why do we need to control everything and believe we are God’s answer to all problems, when our lives are clearly not balanced?

  •         Why are we acting like morons and bringing about the lockdown only to crib about the situation?

  •         Why do people portray themselves as victims or martyrs when they want their way? Isn’t that a form of emotional blackmail? That is weakness, so why not empower ourselves instead?

  •         Why bother writing a blog when zombie takes over?


  1. Hahahaha... LOVE IT (mind you - All caps)!!! The very same reason why people talk about your ‘attitude’ but don’t look at the circumstances or what made them change their ‘attitude’ in the first place! We are hypocritical... judgemental... incorrigible... despicable.... We are humans!
    P.S. I did it again!!!! First comment ☑️ Muchness happening 🤩

    1. Thank you so much confabulations_anonymous! :D Muchness!! :D :D

  2. Wow...I love what you have written...👌👏👏

  3. Ha ha... And the Lioness comes back from hibernation ! My smile broadened and broadened and now I am giggling like a friend of yours who knows 'why you wrote this !! '
    I loved the blog, the thought and I am extremely happy that you are back into your satirical-in your face-authentic self.
    Waiting for the next one.

    1. Thank you so much my dear Anvita! You have been egging me on forever! Actually, I was in a "meh" mood! I was even wondering whether I should post it and then I just did on my little cheerleader's insistence! I am glad you are grinning! :D


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