Happy Day, Happy Blog?


24February 2021 is a special day for me for some reason and I intend to write a happy blog today! I woke up later than usual this morning for I slept well past midnight after seeing a brilliant movie I had seen a couple of times before (“Pink”- the Shoojit Sircar film starring Amitabh Bacchan, Taapsee Pannu and Angad Bedi). The movie had finished well in time but if I don’t sleep by 2200h, latest 2230h, I become the nocturnal owl! So, my happy day began at 0720h. Normally, it starts at 0500h. Unlike, the usual guilt that comes upon me if I sleep in late, it felt good to know that I have healed from pangs of guilt and I got out of bed slowly and deliberately recognizing and respecting every bone and muscle that creaked or ached, in my body. I thanked Lord Shiva and carried out my little gratitude rituals of the morning feeling proud of myself that I had skipped the walk that I do not like missing. I listened to my body’s protest and let it be without mentally chiding it as I had long been accustomed to doing.

I went ahead to not just freshen up but bathe and get ready in a bright, happy blue tee and denims. I headed to the dining table where my dear husband had kept a warm bottle ready for me and I sat drinking that litre of warm water, without letting my mind race ahead to the jobs that lay before me. NO! I was going to go slow today. Well, I am not going into the nitty- gritty of my routine just the happy parts of my happy day.

I read the good morning messages of the few friends that write regularly. I managed to do my tarot rituals and I actually read three to four short stories from a book that I recently got my hands on. This was a happy moment for me for I haven’t been reading much lately. Meanwhile, my husband was drilling in some shelves in the balcony to beautify it with pots and he called out to me to come and take a look. I usually dread this moment because his eyes are fixed on me and unlike before I cannot fake it if I don’t like something. I heaved a sigh of relief. I liked what he did- after 23 years, such moments are rare!! Happy day indeed!

I let my daughter convince me to try on a pink, sparkly nail paint. She gassed me up that every colour looked good on my fingers and I willingly agreed. Recently, I got compliments for my painted nails for a tarot reading so my vanity was at its peak and I put it on. Well, what can I say! I learnt a precious lesson on this blessed day! What they say about vanity is true! My fingers have never looked so ghastly before. I glimpse at my fingers as I type these words. Believe me, it took me nearly half an hour to get rid of that lousy nail paint and even now there are bits of pinkish glitter around my fingers. Lest you think it was some substandard stuff, I must clarify I use reputed cosmetics! “Ha! Ha! I forgot to tell you about the flip side of these sparkly paints! Anyway, now you know!” was what my princess had to say!

I did not take a nap this afternoon since I did wake up late this morning and wasn’t sleepy so I sat in the balcony for a while. Pleasant!

I tried on blouses to see if any fit for I have a lot of new sarees waiting to be worn.  I need to get blouses stitched for which I needed a good blouse to give the tailor to measure against. Two fit, of which I could even breathe in one! Surely, a happy day!   

Joey’s need for my attention almost always warms me up especially when he puts his chin or snout on my thigh, with a doleful expression on his face; the naughty, manipulative little darling that he is!! It is usually for a treat or some toy (it is sad to see what amuses him though- usually cardboard!) but he makes me happy and on days like this when he eats without a fuss I am ecstatic! A blessed day!

My kids are a constant source of joy with their antics and their jargon which sounds like an alien language to us. On one hand, they seem to grow so fast and on the other, they are as immature and innocent as ever! It is endearing to watch the two of them and Joey searching my face to see what’s wrong and who caused the smile to disappear while trying their best to get it back on. And the most confused of them all, my mate of 23 years!! Of course, he has the trump card with him, which he has just used! Ordering in from Swiggy! The smile is nice and broad on my face as we await dinner and as I finish this blog!


Now for the most important message!

It was a trying day for me today. I was in pain from the word go with the mood swings at their best. I have struggled all day trying to manage my tears which were caused due to an over active mind during these mood fluctuations. Half an hour ago I shut the door to cry, one long session should rid me of this continual morose mood. Instead, I challenged myself to write this happy blog by only focusing on what went well today. My mood has changed. It might not last but my message to you is that no one can change your mood; no one is responsible for your happiness; if you have people who cheer you up, treasure them but don’t depend on them and don’t expect them to do that always, for it is unfair to them! We have the power to change our thoughts and our emotions. It is a continual process. It is okay to breakdown. It is okay to not function. Giving ourselves a break is good. It is a necessity. Having hobbies is imperative. Even that little crossword or sudoku is important. To all those who are struggling out there, irrespective of gender and irrespective of the nature of problem, know that you are strong and that all the solutions to all your problems lie within you. Believe in yourself even on the darkest days in fact, especially on the darkest days and you will come out victorious and no matter where you are on your journey remember that this too shall pass. Sending you all lots of love and light.

What do I call this blog now? HAPPY BLOG, HAPPY DAY?



  1. Just what I needed! It is a happy blog. It makes one focus on the little dollops of sunshine in the dark hours.
    PS: I too am a huge fan of your nail-painted beautiful hands in your Tarot videos.

    1. Just what I need! An encouraging comment Dear friend! Thank you :) Thank you for the compliment. You would've changed your mind though had you seen yesterday's " jhatack chamki nail polis"!!! :D The residual glitter is still there!!

  2. First things first.. Please tell me that you have a pic of that nail paint 😂 You know I want to see what it looked like! Trust AT to convince you to slather on a glittery pink.. I think I would have managed to as well 😜 Such a happy happy blog indeed and I didn’t quite expect that Twist at the end a la Sidney Sheldon meets Jeffrey Archer while dating John Grisham types - 😂 I know you get the drift.. But the humour aside.. How very true! It’s always in our hands and our hands alone my dearest SisEnd and that’s something we’ve always discussed over our countless texts and countable number of 🐌 ✉️! At the cost of sounding repetitive - We have so much to be thankful for and it’s so easy to cry about what we don’t have.. rather why not focus on what we do have in abundance or even otherwise eh ðŸ’Ŧ
    P.S. Woh pink wala glitter nail polish EK baar phir 😜ðŸĪŠðŸ˜ðŸ’—

    1. Ugh! No! Not a trace, now that the residual stuff has gone! Btw, I tried to cover it up with a violet but that was sticky so it turned out messy and I had to remove that too.
      Thank you confabulations_anonymous and yes we do have our discussions- you, me and Nikki ;) I am eternally grateful for the almost daily dose of laughter too :D
      P.S. Nahiiiii!


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