Becoming Agony Aunt!

I seem to be donning many hats all of a sudden and the latest offer, if I take it, would be some sort of an agony aunt!! I remember being shocked while in the eleventh grade, when I came across “Personal Column” in the ‘Women’s Era’ magazine and read one of the most scandalous questions ever! Thereafter, I’d spot these in different magazines and between embarrassment and curiosity, I’d wonder if people really had such doubts and problems! In due course of time, this had been completely forgotten till Blogger introduced a new feature called “Ideas” to assist the blogger!

About four days ago, I found a window popping up every time, I’d access Blogger posts. My first reaction was “Oh no! Ads!” and then I realized it was something else. A novel and great idea alright, Blogger or rather Google, has been giving us suggestions out of the most searched questions so that it might inspire us to write on any of those topics. I thought that was really wonderful. Thoughtful, as well.

The only idea I got from the questions though was to write this blog which questions the kind of questions that are being searched! Initially, it tickled my funny bone but now I am on the verge of tears. Is this what we search for. Without doubt these questions have been searched by my fellow Indians.

Thankfully two days ago, Blogger asks us to rate the new “Ideas” section. I did but it had limited choices to pick from and no suggestion column so I made do with whatever was put forth. You must grant it to Blogger, they broadened the horizons for me to get a wider range of questions. It then dawned on me, we humans dabble between the same things and most of them are love related or relationship related and so broadening the horizon boiled down to the same questions asking for answers in different languages! For important questions, you can find pages and pages of information, I guess but for queries such as these which has no takers, this was a bright idea to rope in people to write.

 Hold your breath and get ready for the questions/suggestions that Google has received and Blogger has asked for blogs on these. I cannot take on blogs but I have tried to give agony aunt type of answers just for the sake of it!! I doubt the querents are going to find this blog!

“What to do if you love a person but don’t want to stay with him” Now, it was this question that caught my eye on day one and it seemed okay enough and led me on to read the others. Answer: If you love a person, ideally you would love to stay with him but if you don’t then address the reason as to why you don’t want to stay with him. Once you identify the reason, you might like to bring it up for discussion and sort it out. If it remains unresolved, tell him you will love him but it is better to part ways. Be kind but be direct.

“What the main characters of story test of true love?” Answer: There are many such characters in real life and in fiction. The main characters traditionally are the boy and the girl. (Romeo and Juliet, Heer and Ranjha, Sohni and Mahiwal are a few examples).These days the characters of a true love story are any two people, irrespective of gender, who are willing to brave the odds together.

“adhuri love story quotes” Answer: There would be many but you can begin with the lyrics of the title track of “Hamari adhuri kahani” and maybe “Ae Dil hai mushkil” lyrics for unrequited love.

“How to teach students on love generosity with an example game” Answer: Children are more in touch with their hearts than adults are so any lesson in love and being generous is received by them quickly. First of all, practice what you preach. If they see adults giving, they will give. Start with teaching them how to share. If you have gone on an outing for ice-cream and you see poor children, buy some ice-cream for them and talk to them as you would talk to your own, ask their names. Once in a while, you could take them while making donations at an orphanage and allow them to interact with less privileged children. Children learn less from telling them than they do from observing what you do. Also, ensure that the person giving is humble about it and does not look down upon the recipients.

“Love life prediction based on DOB” Answer: Check zodiac compatibility for both sun and moon signs

“True love stories never have endings meaning in Malayalam” Answer: True love never fades whether or not you end up with the person you love. You are the embodiment of love and so as long as you live or your soul lives, love will never end. Try and put this into a translation app to understand it better in Malayalam.

“A girl who is apt for love but not apt for marriage is called” Answer: The answer to this question is that there is no such girl like that. If you can love a girl but find her unfit for marriage then you are a really sick person that needs counselling.

“Aching love quotes in Tamil”

“Missing husband love quotes in Tamil”

“Love quotes for boy in Tamil”

“Marathi Good morning love quotes”

“Cheated love quotes in Tamil”

“Avoiding love quotes in Malayalam”

Answer: Find your quotes in English and use a translation app to get it in your language.

“What is the meaning of love is not a tide of youngness?” Answer: Totally stumped by this one. Perhaps it means that love is not just for a season or for youth but true love stands the test of time.

After the feedback form, the “ideas” were as follows:

“Why did the subjects of the emperor love and respect him?” Answer: It would have been easier if you had specified who the Emperor was. However, subjects loved and respected an Emperor who they could look up to; who would provide for them, the conditions for a wholesome life: Who would be just and ensure that they were safe.

“I hate love quotes in Marathi”

“Sad love quotes in Gujarati”

“Aching love quotes in Gujarati and Marathi”

“Sad love quotes in Hindi”

“Love is pain quotes in Tamil”

“Love quotes in Malayalam for him”

“Daughter love quotes in Tamil”

“Malayalam love lines in English”

“Sweet love quotes in Kannada”

Answer: Find your required quotes in English on Google and then translate them using translation apps.

“Roshan and Priya love story in Hindi” Answer: I am sorry but I have no idea who Roshan and Priya are. If you could give some context, I might be able to throw some light!

“I am totally fed with my boyfriend but I don’t want to leave him because I love him so much” Answer: I presume you mean fed up. Well, if you are fed up with him, ignore him, take a break from him and concentrate on making yourself the best version of you. He will come around and most probably, you won’t be interested in him by then!

“Why do I always fall out of love with my partner’s am I incapable of loving?” Answer: There could be a number of reasons. Do you rush into relationships, one after another? You must give yourself time to heal from one relationship before you start another. Secondly, it is imperative that you have a good relationship with yourself. If you love yourself, you will feel loved and then you might stay on in the relationship. If you have seen incompatible relationships, you may be commitment phobic or you might be dumping your partners before they can dump you. It would be worthwhile seeing a counsellor. NO ONE IS INCAPABLE OF LOVE. Be kind to yourself and to others. Hope you find the love of your life soon.

And with that I come to the end of the blog. I really cannot believe I took this upon myself!! Talk of joblessness in the time of Corona!



  1. Every search leads to an answer...I hope that whoever searches for anything , gets it and then the person hop, skips and jumps to the next one☺️
    Corona times are really testing time for us, the seekers😂

    1. It is but i am not complaining! As long as we are safe, we are blessed and I do hope and pray that the world is blessed with a vaccine/drug soon!
      Actually, there is an option for me to write a blog on each topic but even the thought of it was tiring so I answered them within the blog!

  2. An interesting blog...what kind of questions/queries are these ?? Must say, it would require tremendous patience to be an agony aunt to such weird and hilarious topics. And I feel, Covid has got nothing to do with it...😃

  3. Yet another delightful read indeed! 'Women's Era'.. haha.. An Era gone by! In this digital age that we live in.. other than the domestic help another form of help we have become incapable of surviving without is good old 'Google'. Call it by any other name.. Siri or Alexa.. It's become our Agony companion of sorts! I think it's not just that people have so many questions.. but the fact that these adsurd and inane questions have a bouncing board or platform that is so accessible is more the reason why people actually throw these questions out there! Having said that.. I must confess that my favourite agony uncle is 'Ask the Sexpert'..aka Dr. Vatsa (an octagenerian) who answers sex queries in the Mumbai Mirror! LoL.. Do check it out online.. Absurd will take a whole new meaning :) Awaiting your next... :)

    1. Thank you so very much Toxicheaven! :D Actually, you do have a point there and I do ask a whole lot of dumb questions especially medical questions myself and yet I must say I fare better than Roshan and Priya!! I'll keep Dr. Vatsa in mind ;)


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