What After Covid 19?

The last time I stepped out of my home was on 20 Mar 2020. It is 03 Apr 2020. I live on the fourth floor and I get my requirement of sun and air from my one and only balcony. The other three members of the family go out once a day with the fourth member of the family- our pup, Joey! I am asthmatic and so I am taking more precautions in this situation of not interacting with anyone outside and I am quite a pain for the other members of the family with my excessive hygiene rituals.

So, how is the morale? High! The secret to that is acceptance. Of course, I basically am a home body so it helps but do I need to have the freedom of going where I want to, when I want to whether I choose to or not!

I am quite at peace with the lock down, concentrating on the positives of this scary reality. Firstly, making good the chance of being a responsible citizen which helps the Country and the World. It is the need of the hour! Second, having the family home and spending quality time with them is a bonus. When the minds are free from the hassles of conducting the everyday routine in a hurried manner with no time to take in the little joys of life, my husband and I have come to the realisation that we can actually converse on topics beyond house and work matters, like we did once upon a time! Thirdly, it is quite a revelation that we can manage pretty well without a domestic help when the need arises and without ado and that we are adept with carrying out every task to the standards we like! Fourth and this is personal, I have been able to take out time to blog, to read and to learn tarot reading some more. I’ve been able to watch my favourite films, catch up on sleep, meditate and spend lone time in silence.

So, “What after Covid 19?” I am not here to talk about the economy or major and serious issues for which there are think tanks and professionals, far better equipped than I am to give answers, solutions and figures that we need to be aware of. I am here to tell you what I have learnt so far and am continuing to learn in this time of crisis and which I will implement even after we get to step out into the world after this ordeal is done.

1.  Acceptance and Letting go of control- As humans we are a scared lot and are mighty resistant to change, which fortunately or unfortunately, is the only constant. However, the faster we realise that we cannot control a particular situation, we ought to let it go and flow with the tide. There is a limit to getting after anything which is beyond our reach. There is great wisdom in allowing the Universe to take its course.

2.  Nature is resilient- And far more than we are! If we do not understand that, respect that and toe the line, we might as well be ready to get wiped out altogether!

3.  Take time to reflect and prioritise- There are daily goals, short term goals and long-term goals. Everything cannot be stuffed into every day. Break down work and assort them as per their importance/ time frame. We are so used to a fast-paced life, running after one thing or another and cribbing that we have no time. Here is loads of time at our disposal so let us use it well. Relax and enjoy little miracles we overlook in our usual hustle bustle. Now is the time to stop and notice the abundance of little blessings our lives are dotted with.

4.  Reach Out-This lock down situation has forced us to rethink our priorities in life as well. It has made us see how momentary our existence on this planet can be. Let bygones be bygones. Patch up with people who meant a lot to you but drifted away along the journey. Some may not respond but it is worth it even if one does!

5.  Restrict Media/Social Media- Try not to go gaga watching the news over and over. A morning update and an evening update should suffice. At times like this it is easy to get influenced easily so tune into positive channels. While expressing on social media try not to rant and rave about all that is bad. Please don’t spread hate. It is a tough time for all of us. Spread love and bonhomie or say nothing at all. Even better, spread humour. We can surely use loads of that!!

6.  Gratitude- As Sadhguru says, remind yourself often that you are still breathing and be grateful for it. So many of our own kind have perished in a matter of weeks and we are still here. Be thankful for it. Pray for those wonderful selfless people who are still working putting their lives at risk and for those who are battling the disease. Even after this is over, promise to make it a practice to do something beyond you and yours.

7.  Kindness- Kindness never goes out of fashion so make it your style for life. It begins with being kind to yourself. Heal your inner child and liberate yourself from self-limiting beliefs. God knows I am trying!

8.  Read, Write, Cook- In short, CREATE! Nothing more therapeutic and satisfying than that!

9.  Bond with your family- There is a lot of good that comes out of trying times. Our cities have no pollution now; the air that we thought could never be clean is clean. Similarly, now that we are locked in, get your family unit closer than ever. Once the lockdown is lifted it will be a bomb burst and you will have to wait for a while before you can get this cozy again. Most importantly, take some time out and bond with yourself in silence. I look forward to it. Whether it is guided meditation or quite reflection, it is a beautiful ritual and lets you get comfortable with all that makes you You!

Last but not the least, BREATHE!


  1. Beautifully penned as always and truly said!!! A much needed wake up call.. Sit up and take notice call.. Eye Opener.. And we needed a virus to do that for us! Stay safe..sanitised..same..

    1. Thank You Toxicheaven! We humans of today are a breed that works only when kicked hence the virus! Hopefully, after this we shall not take our blessings for granted!

    2. Nothing will change really! Not being pessimistic just realistic!! We as a race forget things way too easily.. Let good sense prevail and may we indeed strive to learn at least a bit from this...

    3. Sadly, I agree but we can still keep our fingers crossed!

  2. Nice tips.

    Stay safe n well.

    1. Thank you Dearest and you stay safe and happy too!


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