The Grand Masquerade

As I mentioned in my previous blog which was also my first blog of the year 2020, I am totally steeped in the world of tarot! If I am not trying out different spreads or trying to understand each card, I am listening to various readings on YouTube. If my husband heard what I have been listening to, he’d have serious doubts about my fidelity!! After all, apart from zodiac predictions and a few wishy-washy career related ones, they only have readings for finding a new love or getting back to an old flame/ twin flame/soulmate! I hear them often from different readers since I am learning for free and each reader interprets the same card in different ways depending on what cards show up with it. In fact, I have heard so many in the short span of a month that I can, within the first thirty seconds, know if it is an intuitive reading or one that is just selling you dreams.

Credits: My daughter
One theme that keeps coming up in love readings is betrayal and wearing of masks. In fact, it pops up so often that it got me thinking. Aren’t we all wearing masks? The most genuine person also dons a mask every now and then, doesn’t he/she? Why, even the word personality arises from persona, which is derived from the Latin word meaning mask, the Greek equivalent being character; both pertaining to the theatre.

Credits: My daughter
Masquerade balls which were prevalent in 15th to 18th century Europe and the Venetian masks that are so famous, courtesy the Venetian carnivals, colour coded in the past, sometimes making class distinctions are no longer in vogue. Then again, do we need carnivals when our daily lives are no less than a grand masquerade!

Have you ever wondered why people wear masks? Is it because they are all devious like the wolf in sheep’s clothing? More often than not, people wear masks because they are afraid of getting hurt. A rude person, a snob, a happy go lucky person, a serious person, a Miss Know-it-all or that obnoxious toxic person are all various people who unknowingly take on these personas, to hide their true gullible, compassionate selves which might suffer hurt if exposed. The trauma can be traced to childhood experiences or anything that happened along the way that left scars which ran deep.

These so-called masks have been manifested subconsciously, and the person is hardly aware that he/she wasn’t born like that. It just seems so natural. It is the lopsided defense mechanism the mind conjures up as an act of self-preservation. The mind works in many ways and that is why wise old sages always stressed on controlling the five senses which is possible only if you are the master of your mind! A daunting task I believe but not an impossible one. The eternal optimist that I am, I am sure I will get to that place where I can practice equanimity and then I will be able to bring down all the invisible walls around me.

I am sharing the secret with you as well. Self-Love! Self-love, which is now gathering momentum, is the only way out of this madness. Surprised? Don’t be! At this is what we do- we unlearn all that we have spent years learning! Change after all is the essence of life!

When contemporary actor Kareena Kapoor of the Indian film industry announced in her hit film, “Jab we Met” “Main apni favourite hoon” (I am my favourite person) most of us cringed. How could one be so immodest and in your face? Yet, years later I realise that modesty may save you from narcissism but will surely, without your knowledge, lead you to low self-esteem because your modesty will lead you to talk down to yourself. Self-depreciating humour can send very wrong signals to your subconscious mind and you start internalizing all that you say.

Now that you know what to do, is it easy? No. All your life you have been taught to put others before you, your loved ones, your service, your nation, your duties…You always figured last. Slowly and steadily, taking time out for yourself or popping in the last piece of chocolate becomes impossible without heavy amounts of guilt! Haven’t you looked on in shock as to how people could be so selfish when you saw them helping themselves first?! Being selfish is when you are nasty with someone on purpose, not when you make yourself a priority. It is a thin line but if you actually love yourself, you will see the difference.

Appreciating oneself for little achievements, forgiving oneself for every silly goof up or Himalayan blunder, embracing the flaws we have and our repeated mistakes is all a part of loving ourselves. Once we are comfortable with who we are and genuinely know and accept ourselves, we stop seeking validation from anyone, even from our nearest and dearest and from here begins our true growth. We then do not need masks as we stand in our own power, unafraid to show the world who we are because no one can ever hurt us again and we shall no longer feel vulnerable.

Till we know, understand, accept and apply this basic truth in our lives we shall all continue living this Grand Masquerade!


  1. It's always a pleasure to read your blogs

  2. Another good read! Talking of masks, I suddenly remembered the lines from The Memoirs of Geisha:" She paints her face to hide her face". I think we all don these masks most of the times believing that they are nothing but various roles we have to play in life and relationships. I agree with you, that self love ,without being selfish, is and should be our first priority.

    1. Thank you Anvita :) :) So true, the quote! You always make me want to watch movies and read our special books again ;)

  3. This Mukhotaa write-up is 💃👏.Keep it up Ms Blogger!!!


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