A New Journey in the New Year


A tad bit late I guess but heartfelt wishes nevertheless!

I did not make resolutions last year for the simple reason that I fall in to the clichéd category of those who break it in no time. I keep reassessing where I stand throughout the year but apart from a few points of lesser importance, from my long list of need of the hour resolutions, the rest remain, sadly, undone. Not having any resolutions didn’t make me a more efficient person in 2019 but did contribute to reduced stress levels. In 2018, I did practice trying to live in the present and I am still struggling with it but be it then or now this phenomenon has been happening at best in spurts! It was possibly the most important and liberating resolution of all time.

Two years later, I find the call of intuition stronger than ever before and have embarked on a new journey (much to my husband’s and father’s horror). My husband has resigned to his fate and takes all the shocks that spring up from time to time in his stride with a forced, mirthless smile. My father who refuses to accept his daughter’s stubborn ways did blow his top and after letting out strong emotions, let it pass, as the evening was supposed to be a pleasant one.

Well, I gladly announce that I, lover of astrology and mysticism, have begun learning the magic of tarot! I gifted myself the Rider Waite basic tarot deck this New Year and I am thrilled to own them. Like a typical suspicious, middle class Indian I bought myself the cheapest deck on Amazon promising myself that I shall get the entire lot of tarot decks, crystals, charms and whatever else if I stick with it and actually find my intuition getting deeper.

The major part of this year has gone in trying to find free tutorials online since no one really approves of my new journey!! A blessing and wish come true to all those lovely people who do share free knowledge, being so passionate about what they do.

My partner in crime for all these grand ideas is my daughter and she tried her best to convince me to buy a really expensive deck that was far more beautiful than the present one but a number of sites have guided me to begin with the deck I bought.

Right now, I have print outs explaining the major and minor arcana cards (that is what the cards are called- 22 of the former and the remaining fall under the minor category) and I stay up rather late trying to mug up stuff (in fact, I feel like a youngster trying to read comics after lights out! I wait for my husband to snore to pull out my earphones and listen to readings till I drift off to sleep). I plan to get disciplined from today and I swear it’s not because my husband reads my blogs!! ;)

There are 78 cards in all, each with certain characteristics when upright and opposite traits in reverse. Also, like astrology the minor arcana cards are distributed as per the elements of fire, water, earth and air. What excites me even more is that twelve of the major arcana cards represent zodiac signs and just like the Chinese zodiac has the year of the rat this year and so on, the tarots have a character representing each year too and this is the year of the Emperor! Doesn’t that sound interesting? Well, it completely charges me up! I have my first webinar tomorrow and I cannot wait.

The first thing I did after getting my deck, even before taking the prints out, was to paint my nails in a beautiful grey. I have been eyeing the nails and fingers of all the readers just as much as I listen to what they have to say! I can actually visualize my father telling me with displeasure that I always pay more attention to the peripherals!! I just cannot help myself. My rings and nail paints have been gathering dust lately and now they are all as excited as I am. For those who don’t know me from before I am a complete ring and nail person right from college. It took a back seat when I got commissioned into the IAF and then the craze kept dwindling with kids and chores and whatever else. I feel my old, happy, carefree self coming back! I cannot tell you how I am enjoying myself. It is almost as exciting as blogging itself! It isn’t very important I am sure but just in case you were wondering, my nails are now a beautiful mauve in matte.

Well, my dear readers, I do sincerely hope each and every one of you and in fact everyone that exists on this planet finds something to fire themselves up like I have! I don’t know how long this fire will last but I am making the most of it while it does. I love learning something or the other and have been wondering what I could possibly learn this year and it is so satisfying when you can actually come to a great decision wherein you have to think no more.

The last year was spent on Sporcle (an amazing quiz site) courtesy my daughter and learning more geography than ever before, knowing 197 countries and their capitals and flags and much more! My kids are a blessing- they help me stay young in my head. While my daughter has been keeping me busy with all the quizzing, my son is forever trying to improve my psycho motor skills with his games!! And Joey, our pup, is trying to force physical activity on me by running away with my slippers and making me run like crazy for it!

The Universe always gives you what you want but not in ways you expect it so try and embrace all that comes your way- I am trying! Hopefully in days to come I shall be able to read cards for you with pleasure! A Grand 2020 to you all once again!


  1. Happy New Year to you too my dearest blogger. First things first. I love reading each blog that you post. And am not amazed to read about your new found interest in Tarrot cards. I am absolutely sure you will excel in this too.

  2. Had to be !!!!! I guessed it before I opened the blog page !!!! All the best .. this is your calling !!! Love it

    1. That does tell me a lot about your intuition!! Thank you Ms. Positivity!

  3. U r amazing my dear...love ur love for nail paints and rings🤩and yes there is a liberating feel in ur blog...keep it up

    1. Thank you so much Bhabhi...you have always been so supportive :)

  4. All for it.. Go for it.. I am soooooooooo excited!!!!! Can you imagine, all these years of knowing you and had no clue about your penchant for rings nor nail paint!!! Have the most intriguing story to share with you about tarot, based on personal experience :) More power to you Mi Lady.. Wishing you a tarotful 2020 ahead...

    1. :D :D Thank you so much Toxicheaven! We were so busy laughing and having fun, the nail paints and the rings never got a chance to come up into our conversations! I cannot wait to hear the story...perhaps via snail mail! Thank you once again :)

  5. ������
    NOW I know why your father exploded!!
    We have a lot on common but this one interest is NOT one of those. That said, do what makes you happy, (and learning something new generally
    does) Also the thing I have to learn from you is to let my kid keep me young (...I think that might be impossible, because I feel I was born crotchety )

    1. :D I am loving it as of now MRC. You will learn...let him become a teenager! ;)

  6. Great ... All the best you must go for it ... Loved it

  7. OOOOO ....can see your next set of interests.....you charming well manicured lady! You must be well pedicured too!!! Cheers n enjoy.


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