A Tribute to the Centaur Tribe: Sagittarius

Credits: My Li'l Sagittarian

The Sagittarian month is here (23 November - 21 December) and it is only right that I pay a little tribute to these happy, fiercely independent centaurs who know how to live life king size or at least completely on their own terms.

I am no astrologer and I haven’t had any formal training but from the time I remember I have been fascinated by zodiac signs. I have read a lot about them, the bible then being Linda Goodman! Previously I have written a blog on the Aquarius woman being one myself. I do not speak in detail about nuances of planetary positions but what I do write comes from interacting with and closely observing people I know, whether I know them well or not. One of my favourite hobbies is to guess what the zodiac of a person might be after interacting with them for a while and more often than not, my guesses usually hit the mark!

I have a whole lot of Sagittarian friends, both male and female and also a few close relatives whom I have bonded with closely over the years. Yet, the one that has been goading me to write about this most wonderful sign is my nearly fifteen year old daughter who has been giving me a day to day countdown to her birthday which is short of a week away! That should tell you one thing right away; they do get their way by seemingly casual persistence and can be quite a handful! Here are 25 facts I have compiled from my observations of the lovely descendants of the planet of truth and abundance.

Fiercely Independent- Male, female or child of either gender and I presume transgender as well, those born under this sign need their independence and guard it fiercely. They need to make their decisions and despise being curbed. These archers cannot be tied down against their will.

Fun Loving- One look at them, one interaction is enough to know these charmers want to have fun. Life is one big party and they are party animals! Even in day to day routine, they liven up the scene with their jokes and look for ways to enjoy every moment. They cannot handle boredom!

Wilful and Quiet Determination- The wilful nature of a Sagittarian can be seen even when they are toddlers. They want what they want and they are determined to do things on their own. No, they are not cranky and don’t throw tantrums. They just go for what they want quietly, seeking no permission and looking alarmed at the adult who just doesn’t understand! They do not like being spoon fed and choose to try, try and try again, till they get it on their own. Call it pride, call it self esteem but those born under this sign are happily and unapologetically who they are, at whatever age they may be!

Zest for Life- Their zest for life is contagious. They live life like there is no tomorrow or at least they would like to. They get so stifled when they have to toe the line. They would like to try their hand at everything and the self belief that they are the best sees them marching ahead with aplomb, scandalizing people and sometimes finding their own foot in their mouth.

Positivity- Positivity and Optimism of the highest order are what make them reach great heights and also fall flat on their faces! I have friends who would not bat an eyelid while spinning yarns about how well they did something, and truly believing what they say while it would be clear to the rest of the gathering that things were not looking all that great. When they eventually do find out, that things were not as grand they don’t brood. They just dismiss it with a laugh and move on. Over the years I have started sweating when my daughter walks in after an exam, deliriously happy at her performance…

Curious- The cat that curiosity killed was probably a Sagittarian! Inquisitive about everything and wanting to know everything is both a blessing and a bane but they just cannot help themselves. It is because of this that they usually are keen observers with an eye for detail.

Gossipy- If curiosity was not enough, these centaurs are also gossip mongers! They want to know it all; good, bad and the ugly and then spread the same around with their own tidbits thrown in to make it a wee bit more interesting! They have no malice usually for this generally tickles their funny bone and they do feel bad and try to cover up when they find out they have offended someone, which is usually not enough! This trait of spreading is seen more in women; the men are just content with knowing it!

Naughty- It is a part of their fun loving personality. They love to play pranks and get a laugh but to be fair to them, they laugh just as hard when the joke is on them, in disbelief too!

Attention seeking- The archer needs the spotlight. They crave it. They keep doing something or the other to get noticed, sometimes subtly, sometimes louder- it is probably because they are fire signs and though they are not as demanding as Leos, they revel in the attention they get. Fame is important to them. They usually have what it takes to get applause too!

Child prodigies- I read somewhere that a large number of child prodigies fall under this sign and from what I have observed it is true. It is probably their need to outshine their peers and garner attention at a young age but they do make most of the talents gifted to them and do get noticed for their skill.

Credits: pinterest.com
Frank to a Fault- This should have been the first point because it is the Sagittarian trademark. Yet, since this trait generally riles most people it tends to have a negative connotation which is why I am mentioning it here. However, it isn’t negative. How can honesty be?  Only issue is that it is spoken without a second thought and definitely without tact. They might regret it later when they find the person in question avoiding them like plague and would even feel bad but they are proud of their ability to tell it like it is. Usually, as I mentioned earlier, there is no malice underlying their shocking observations!

Slow in their movements- While they are an action oriented sign, their movements are slow. They cannot be hurried. Their natural gait is slow. The only fast Sagittarians you will see are probably born around the first week of the season till about 26Nov or so with an influence of Scorpio in their sign. The rest have a distinctive laid back demeanour in their gait and speech.

Creative- Whether their ideas are completely original, or they have been inspired by others work, their finished product, in any field, is usually unique and beautiful. Their fearless nature makes them open to experimenting and trying new things.

Adaptable and Flexible- Being a mutable fire sign, they are easy going and can adapt easily to new surroundings. They make friends effortlessly and have no problems in doing things differently from what they originally intended. Everything is good and a learning experience for them. If they are dying to go to place A to a do a certain thing but you really want to go to place B to do something totally different, they will give in gracefully and go with you and do your thing. They haven’t forgotten what they wanted and will get it, if need be all by themselves but they know how to be a sport.

Sporty and Outdoor- Sagittarians are usually sporty and very outdoor people. A quality bestowed upon them by their fire nature! They either participate actively in sports or at least watch it with enthusiasm, cheering for their team! Either way, they love being outdoors and never let an opportunity to go out be missed.

Love their sleep- The archer is happy, fun loving and energetic but this comes only after their sleep requirements are met which is a whole lot. They are grumpy when they wake up unless their sleep quota is complete in which case they are their happy, witty selves.

Suspicious- For a fire sign, they are mighty suspicious! Water signs are known for their need to have 100% trust in people close to them yet never trusting them fully. The Sagittarian suspicion isn’t so intense as a Scorpio or Cancer but it is very much there. This might be due to their own need to prank people that they believe people might be taken for a ride too!  

Mature and Strong- When a Sagittarian is around you, you wouldn’t feel that they are authoritative or exude power because of their casual, laid back demeanour. They aren’t go getters or aggressive and their built isn’t beefy either plus they are always chilling and having fun with themselves, laughing at their own jokes happily but do not be fooled into believing that they are all fluff! The centaur is a mature person with great inner strength which they casually hide under that sunshine smile. Just because they aren’t fighting to have their own way or are compromising to keep the peace doesn’t make them weak. It is only a mature person that can allow others to have their way. Also their quiet and calm demeanour in the face of hardships is inspiring. They do not kick up a fuss and are frank and to the point in their assessment about things that happen not just to others but to themselves too.

Needs space- Everybody needs space and the Sagittarian too and though they are better off than Aquarians, they certainly need a lot of room to be themselves and without interference.

Sarcastic and witty- Their wit and sense of humour is a class apart. They usually crack jokes at other people’s expenses but are gracious at those made at their own cost as well. They enjoy sarcasm and use it to good measure.

Bossy- Sagittarians are amiable and the male usually comes across as quiet while his female counterpart either comes across as stern or chirpy. While they are a compromising sign being mutable, this bossy aura is more probably to keep other bossy people at bay. They are not bossy like say Aries or Scorpio, both of who are naturally dominating signs; more like Aquarius but with a lot more flexibility. They cannot stand anyone dictating terms to them. Request them and they will agree but boss over them and you get a serious, deadpan look and a firm “No” in response.

Confident- Sagittarians are confident, some loud but mostly quiet but sure of themselves. They have clarity of thought and usually seem to know what they want. Their die hard optimism also adds to their confidence.

Lazy- Typically, they are a lazy sign who does only the bare minimum work to stay afloat. They are not competitive just because they cannot bother with hurrying themselves for a race of any kind. They believe there is enough for everybody and therefore, continue at a comfortable pace that suits them. You just cannot rush a Sagittarian.

Credits: personalitygrowth.com
Flirtatious- Yes, the archer likes conquests and they enjoy relationships that are not too clingy. They have a need for freedom to flirt- they find it healthy, which is true. Some cheat and some take years and multiple relationships to commit but usually when they do commit, it is for keeps except for mild flirting here and there. C’mon, get real people; the archer needs some loose rope!

Dreamy and detached- When I say dreamy, it isn’t like in a Piscean or Aquarian kind of way but in a realistic, creative and practical kind of way. They are also a detached lot, again, not aloof and detached like the Aquarian, but like Teflon! They are carefree and things don’t affect them beyond a point. They cannot fret over anything for too long; they let go and move on with incredible ease and no hard feelings as such.

That sums up my views on the children of Jupiter who have blessed my life with their prominent presence in it. You can never be sad for too long if you have a Sagittarian friend; their unrealistic optimism just rubs on to you!

Watch this space for insights into the regal and fiery Leo!


  1. ♥️
    loved Anaanya's sketch too!

  2. You really observe well and how!!! I think I shall rename you my new Ms Goodman. Jokes apart, the blog is insightful , and opens the world of saggitarians ,as they are...i can relate to most of the traits as my mom is a saggitarian too...keep penning your thoughts. I love reading them , a lot

    1. Thank you so much Anvita :) Nowhere near Ms. Goodman :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Dearest for your contribution to the blog...it happened because of you!! ;)

  4. And the drawing is amazing too !!!

    1. The artist shall be delighted at the compliment ;)

  5. Read your blog after a long hiatus!!! What a lovely way to start the weekend.. instead of CAB..CAA.. and other depressing things... Brought back the fondest memories of the good old Linda Goodman days.. Life was so much easier..
    Loved the read.. The curious cat who got killed being a Sagittarius.. was my favourite bit.. LoL..

    1. Welcome back Toxicheaven!!! You were missed! Thank you :D :D

  6. Nicely written... Really enjoyed reading...felt as if someone read me through

  7. Compliment 2020, for mum n daughter duo for creativity in title, words, illustrations, predictions, thoughts, facts n belief combo and many more!!! Keep it up and goodwishes to you n family 🌞

    1. Thank you my dear dear positive and happy centaur! Lots of Love...


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