The Magic of Humility and Kindness


Many greats have graced this planet and have changed this world to make it a better place for you and for me (That sounded straight out of a Michael Jackson number-“Heal the World” to be precise!) It is heartening to know that the average human being has kindness in his/her heart. A lot many people do great work which goes unnoticed by the world except by those who benefit directly. Yet, they press on regardless of the lack of recognition for what they do is selfless. The stories are innumerable. Unfortunately, the media showcases only sorrow and terror thus making us believe that there is hardly any goodness left on this beautiful Earth.

Every once in a while, a few people rise to fame and affect humanity by the great work they do; who by their humility win many hearts and inspire others to do the same; who manage to create platforms to recognize the efforts of those working silently in the background for humanity, lauding them and bringing them under the spotlight for the rest of us to see and get inspired.
The spotlight in this blog of mine is on Amitabh Bachchan and Ellen DeGeneres.

Amitabh Bachchan is a legend in Indian Cinema. His charisma and charm is unparalleled. His body of work has been immense despite some absolutely atrocious films in his kitty (telling us that even the best make huge errors but rise after every fall). He met with a near fatal accident during which time the entire nation was on prayer mode. This was in 1983.

Today among other projects, he hosts “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” equivalent in India called “Kaun Banega Crorepati” and has done so, over many seasons taking his popularity status to new heights!

As he wraps up this season a few days from now, I cannot stop admiring him. He has been my all time favourite actor-an actor making it possible for “The Bold and the Beautiful” to happen at home, here in India with the mother and daughter openly ogling at the same man while father, husband and brother watch in admiration!!! That is the magnetism of this wonderful man.

His humility and grace speak of an era that is shockingly coming to an end. I watch him as he changes his way of talking with each contestant, pitching the conversation at their level, making them feel comfortable in minutes, making them laugh, praising them and making them feel like they matter. As Maya Angelou has said “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”Every time I watch him, I send in a prayer to the Lord above, to grant him a long and healthy life and to fill it with precious and happy moments for that is what he spreads-happiness and good will. He has been a great actor who has also actively contributed to humanitarian causes; he has his flaws and has faced some flak for it but I stress only on how he conducts himself in the most humble fashion with the masses endearing him to one and all. His expressions when pretending to learn something so obvious from a simpleton, who believes he is sharing gospels never known before, makes his appeal multiply. He is an all important man but he makes the person in front of him feel like he/she is the special one and that speaks volumes of him as a person because this charm and modesty cannot be faked.

Moving on to the next person under spotlight- Ellen DeGeneres! A person who has made a place in our hearts at home with her straight faced sense of humour, wit, sarcasm and most importantly her golden heart. Just a mention of her name is enough to bring a smile on our faces as we conjure up her face in our minds with twinkling eyes, the bright grin and the quick discomfort that passes over her face when praised! She is so childlike, warm and endearing and loves to spring surprises for I believe the expressions tickle her funny bone even as they touch her heart. She is present day Santa for all seasons! Again, despite her personal battles, she has come out a winner and more than her humanitarian work or her superior comic timing, I write about her for the same reason that I mentioned Mr. Bachchan. Whether she is chatting with a well known celebrity or just a kid who has become famous because of his affirmations, she is warm in an uncomfortable, awkward but irresistible manner making them feel special. She genuinely enjoys the happiness she sees across people’s faces just as much as she enjoys shocking and scaring them! That beautiful spirit is invaluable and again, I always send in a prayer for her to grace the planet for a long, long time, spreading happiness and cheer with her captivating charm which she doesn’t seem aware of!

We can have only one Amitabh Bachchan and one Ellen DeGeneres like we can have only one of each one of us. Our effort should be to become the best versions of ourselves. Kindness and Humility should never go out of fashion and it never will! We probably go through a bit of a lull period every now and then but I would like to believe that magnanimity is inherent in each one of us. And the best way to sign off this blog would be with Ellen’s trademark “Anyway!”


  1. I too admire Mr Bachchan for the same reasons which you have mentioned in your blog. He really does comes across as a person with immense knowledge, learning but above all the biggest gift of making others feel comfortable, happy and worthy around him. Age old maxims of kindness, humility, simplicity, wit and being humble can never go out of fashion.

    1. :) :) We are always on the same wavelength and that is comforting! ;)

  2. Add one more name to above list that is Sri. Enjoy!!!


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