A Day in the Llife of a Suitcase!


Hi! I am Kamiliant of the American Tourister family, before I got adopted that is! I am a beautiful purple with a trendy white design (which I am honestly not too proud of) and soft bodied. Now, don’t catch me blushing! I have been with my new family for over a year and the way I was subjected to travel within days of being adopted, overseas that too and ten countries (are they nuts?) had me excited and later a bit dizzy. I was sure that my life was going to be an endless series of travel (well, I have been made for just that, I guess) by air, by road and by sea. I haven’t experienced train travel yet but it can’t be worse than that roller coaster ride which I absolutely hate- in case you are wondering, I mean the conveyor belt at the airport! They have no respect for the likes of us, believe me.

After that huge vacation where I was wondering whether I’d get some rest and I did crib to the others of my tribe all over Europe, we got back and I was emptied (what a relief), cleaned and stashed away. After a lull of ten months (I began suspecting that my family could understand our suitcase language and had heard my cribs) I was taken out for a number of local shuttles by car and I gathered only later that my family was relocating and into a new home! I liked my new resting place but I began to feel restless. I needed the travel. Had they been travelling without taking me? I didn’t like the idea. I began praying hard that they hadn’t done away with my services and that I was still dear to them. My prayers were soon answered.

On the third of June, I was taken down from my resting place along with my mates and laid out on the bed. From the last two experiences I knew that if Mom took time to pack me up, we’d be going for a vacation and if she just stuffed me up in a hurry, it was just some local move. I waited patiently and she took her time placing stuff inside me and from the little pouches that she stuck in here and there that made me giggle, for they tickled me no end, I knew that we were going for the much needed holiday! Yippee! I was still in good graces, after all.

I guessed it was not a very long trip, for Ma, packed me up within two days and we were good to go. She also let me breathe rather freely this time. We stopped at New Delhi and ugh! Those guys really mishandle you. They throw you in and out of vehicles and it really hurts but I was dreading the roller coaster and felt queasy as the little vehicle stopped and my fellow travel bags were being pulled out. I knew that it was a matter of time when I’d be pulled out unceremoniously and dropped on to the conveyor belt. It happened and I hoped I wouldn’t split open and vomit out the clothes. Luckily, my will power kept me going. And then I saw it coming! The final drop on to the conveyor belt from a height which might seem slight to the human eye but Boy! It hurts and how! And if that wasn’t enough, my butt got stuck on one side and so I couldn’t fall when expected and so the suitcases behind me came crashing onto me mercilessly till my butt was rudely dislodged and I fell with a thud onto the belt. I was licking my wounds when a few grubby hands turned me over to check whether I was theirs. How disgusting! It is like groping someone and saying “oops! I’m sorry I thought you were my girl!” Well, considering that women have still not won their battles, I doubt suitcases will be heard, so I’ll let that pass. Well, soon enough my brother reached for me and got me off. While he is better than all the guys that handled me en route, he still likes to use me to advertise his muscle power and that jerks my spine occasionally. Pa, on the other hand is a bit gentler.

We were to stay a night in Delhi and then head for Leh for almost a week before getting back to Delhi, I overhead Ma and Pa talking. They were leaving one bag behind as there were weight restrictions they said. I was repacked and felt much lighter but I began to smell like Baba Ramdev because of a certain Ayurvedic oil that leaked out and I could hear Ma getting hysterical about smelling like him since all her clothes smelt like me! The smell was rather pungent I admit. Poor Ma! If only she knew that while emptying me out, she let one bottle of moisturizer escape her notice. She was going to be in grief when that leaked out although being meticulous enough she had it in a zip lock! The moisturizer was Japanese Blossom though and would be pleasant enough for me. Talking of smells, these are all okay. I hate the bag which has used clothes that will replace the good ones after half the stay. Ugh! I suffocate with some of those! I am not saying anymore lest I am made to forgo the trip. I am quite looking forward to it except the roller coaster of course!

Hey! The lights have gone off and we are to leave early morning. I wonder why I am still open. Ah! Ma’s last minute tickle!! So, here is Kamiliant saying goodbye! Hope you begin to care for my lot the next time you travel and try not to grope too much!! You can read about our vacation in Ma’s next blog!


  1. Ah...the travails of the much travelled suitcase ...
    Your partner in woe...The suitcase gathering dust under the bed ...
    housing mom's party saris , all packed up and nowhere to go ... How cruel is she, every few weeks ,the woman pulls me out ,dusts me off , gives me false hope...And leaves me empty-ier by a few more saris , pushed back to gather some more dustballs....

    Mini's blue Elanza :(

    1. :D Kamiliant sends her best wishes to Elanza and tells her that it's just a matter of time...she is in good graces since she is dusted and has her Mom's favourite sarees...the travel bug is bound to bite Mom soon ;)

  2. Love the personified write-up. Triggers me to plan a trip!!!

    1. Thank you Dear RR :) Do that and come right here!! ;)

  3. It's the best personification that I have read in some years and icing on the cake is that it's hilarious too. Waiting for the next blog now, eagerly

    1. Hey Anvita!! Thank you Dearie...you make my day :)

  4. If only all the inanimate objects in our life could talk! The takes they could spin.. Hahaha.
    Can't wait to hear more about Leh.. Your blog took me back to my childhood days! The simplicity of the autobiographies we used to write in school.. Now-a-days, it's the more fancy shmancy creative writing..
    Must say.. I had never before paused to ponder at travels from the perspective of a suitcase!
    Let the keyboards clang soon for the next...

  5. If only! Too many interruptions lately...let's see when the keyboards clang :D


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