What After Happily Ever After?

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Mr. Darcy has been my all time favourite male character even though I must admit that I have been in love with many male characters, often from mythology. However, these phases usually pass, unlike with            Mr. Darcy, who for me would be the ultimate dream man! Surprisingly, I am not the type who swoons over actors (not that I do not have my favourites there as well) even though certain roles are well etched and to die for, in my memory. 

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Colin Firth as Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy in “Pride and Prejudice” (the TV mini-series), is one such example. I liked him as Mr. Mark Darcy in “Bridget Jones Dairy” as well but nothing to beat the former performance. I just realized that I got carried away in that this blog isn’t about   Mr. Darcy per se but about what makes him so desirable and why is he a difficult find in reality!

“Pride and Prejudice” like a lot of beautiful romantic novels ends with a “Happily ever after” which is why the main protagonists remain perfect in our eyes. In fact, when we fall in love in real life, during courtship days, we tend to happily overlook flaws of our partners because the dreaminess and the sheer bliss of being in love overrides everything else. When we get married, we do indeed live our “Happily ever after” moment and that’s where the problem begins! For we shut the book on that very note whereas in real life, we have just begun our book and we soon find that we are at sea with myriad emotions!

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Just think about it, what would Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy’s married life look like after ten years, if not before? Elizabeth might find herself stuck with a man who spoke to her friends with disdain if at all he intended to interact or might turn out to be like her own father and keep away altogether! On the other hand, Mr. Darcy might have started noticing glaring similarities between Elizabeth and her insufferable mother, Mrs. Bennet, which he probably hadn’t noticed before or had perhaps, at that time, found endearing- that, after all, is why we say love is blind! In other words, they would be like any other married couple and if we were to read about them, we’d mope about the fact that our dream man turned out to be “Oh so ordinary!!”

Books/movies that begin with a married couple or where the love and romance is quick and the nuptials done in the first half, either move to an extramarital angle or the couple separate due to irreconcilable differences or they face a huge loss either of a child or of property/career turning their world upside down; in short, they go through a tumultuous period and then the story culminates in a “Happily ever after” (even though bruised and battered) setting. 

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This goes on to prove what we already know- “Change is the only constant”. There have to be trying times to be able to enjoy good times; the morning is brighter only after a dark night! Balance is the essence of Nature- beautiful and delicate balance! It makes our world go around, makes our world tick. The “Happily Ever After” can only come after trials and tribulations, after much drama and melodrama and while books can end there, in life, this cycle is repeated over and over.

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This also brings us to the stark reality that Mr. Darcy is desirable because he is a character and is unattainable! We can look for his traits in the men we meet and fool ourselves into believing we’ve nailed him! In truth, he will always be a mirage, a very formidable one, making us delirious with expectation but the bubble will surely burst once we get to know him and dissect him!!

(In case you are wondering why I haven’t mentioned a fictional female character that men swoon over, well, I am yet to have met a man who singles out any one persona- they seem to love them all or are appreciative at that moment but it doesn’t seem to linger on. Women seem more passionate about both men and women characters they come across- this again is what I have gathered in my limited experience!)

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  1. Your title is quite a catchy one!!!

  2. HaHa... I knew this blog was waiting to be written by you sooner or later. Remember how we keep saying " darn Mr. Darcy"! He really is a spoiler. As much as we find this character intriguing, you have once again nailed it my friend. Life is beyond the ending of the book and we keep working for our happily ever afters. But the journey itself is interesting, exhausting, weary but worth living. So, Mr Darcy.... Bring it on Sir.
    Loved your blog.

    1. And I knew, you would lap it up!!! ;) :) :D Thank you so very much and yes, the journey is all important...Mr. Darcy...sigh!!!

  3. Haha!!!! Never would have guessed.. You and Mr. Darcy :) Albeit short.. a very interesting read!


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